Procurement and Strategic sourcing


Procurement and Strategic sourcing    

Procurement as a critical part of a successful business strategy  

Nowadays procurement faces a number of challenges that arise from its position within the organization. Procurement has a pivotal role to play in increasing supply chain transparency, accessing supplier innovation and delivering enterprise wide cost reduction. To follow the path of success, we review and optimize the procurement functions – effectiveness of processes and procedures, spending, supplier management.

Procurement Maturity Assessment

  • Analysis of buying behavior and position of purchasing department within industry
  • Spend Analysis, risk assessment of purchase transactions (order issue, goods receive, invoice payable etc.), relationship analysis between trading partners
  • Identification of savings opportunities in direct and indirect procurement
  • Identification of opportunities for internal process improvement
Procurement Maturity Assessment

Direct & Indirect Procurement Regeneration / Process Optimization

  • Procurement processes reorganization according to „best-practice“
  • New procurement processes setup to ensure transparent management (approvals, supplier rating, supplier approval and selection)
  • Process standardization for implementation of Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
Direct & Indirect Procurement Regeneration

Procurement Revitalization / Procurement Interim Management

  • Reorganization of purchasing environment and Procurement department, Setup of procurement strategy, organizational structure and processes 
  • Interim manager integration to negotiate lower prices and high quality of a new contract
  • Definition and execution of procurement strategy related to supplier selection and management to support R&D, cost savings, risk management
Procurement Interim Management

Supplier Management and Supplier Risk management

  • Supplier Portfolio Risk Analysis (contract stability, financial stability, public resources analysis)
  • Mitigation strategy setup for immediate supplier stabilization
  • Interim manager integration and action plan for improvement implementation
Supplier Management and Supplier Risk management

Supplier Base Consolidation

  • Purchase requisitions merge and setup of a new logistics concept for purchased overhead material and „C“ items
  • Consolidation of suppliers and purchased materials to reduce stock diversification and overheads
  • Revision of purchasing data in system
Supplier Base Consolidation


Lukáš Jílek

Lukáš Jílek


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