Supply chain maturity assessment

Unlock your supply chain's full potential in the digital age with our comprehensive supply chain maturity assessment. Request access to our assessment platform here and gain valuable insights into your supply chain.

Deloitte Supply Chain & Network Operations professionals understand the unique challenges that supply chain managers face in the digital age. That is why we help our clients with the assessment of their supply chain maturity through our Digital Supply Networks Transformation platform. The assessment uses industry-standard methodologies and best practices to identify vulnerabilities and deliver actionable recommendations to improve your supply chain's resilience and digital enablement. 

Our supply chain maturity assessment will provide you with valuable insights to stay competitive in the digital era. We invite you to request the access to the platform below and start your digital transformation journey.

This is how your assessment process will look like


Disruption of the traditional linear supply chain thinking

Dramatic advances in computing memory and processing are spurring entrepreneurs to develop innovative new digital technologies and capabilities—and ushering in Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution. Disruptive technologies, like new sensors or artificial intelligence, create the foundation for conversion between the physical and digital worlds, transforming traditional, linear supply chains into intelligent digital supply networks.

Digital Capabilities Model for Supply Networks

Assessing your current Supply Chain

Whether you are starting your DSN journey or want to accelerate value generation from ongoing initiatives, you can use our Digital Supply Networks Transformation platform to track, prioritize and set direction for capabilities across your supply network. The platform, powered by the Digital Capabilities Model (DCM), is designed in a relational manner to help supply chain professionals envision and then build digitally enabled capabilities required to transform their linear supply chains into a set of dynamic networks. 


The model is based on the assessment of key six capabilities of your supply chain:

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