Services for Clubs and Associations 

Sports Business Group

Tax & Immigration Advisory Services You will be in control of taxes & formalities

  • athletes’ remuneration and non-monetary income, its provision and accounting
  • tax returns, health insurance and social security contributions
  • communication with authorities and insurance companies, representation to tax authorities
  • processing of visas, long-term and permanent residencies; tax registration of foreigners
  • VAT treatment of winnings, participation income; solidarity payments, and transfer bonuses
  • taxable vs. exempt activities and impact on VAT deductibility
  • equipment and gear – what to look out for from a tax perspective?
  • assessing marketing contracts from a tax perspective, including barter
  • tours and their tax implications in the Czech Republic and abroad

Legal Advisory ServicesGain confidence in the world of law, whatever issue you encounter

  • legal due diligence of companies and associations
  • corporate screening, internal and forensic investigations
  • corporate compliance a criminal corporate compliance
  • review and adjustment of internal regulations and legal relations
  • contractual agenda; advertising, marketing, and sponsorship
  • IP/ICT law, media law, personal data protection
  • tendering and public procurement
  • tax audits and tax litigation
  • CSR, ESG, sustainability, and circularity

Real Estate Advisory ServicesWe will take care of the use or appreciation of your real estate passporting of immovable property

  • optimisation of the real estate portfolio
  • property valuation and market analysis
  • real estate feasibility and usability studies
  • business model for the operation and functioning of real estate
  • business model provozu a fungování nemovitostí
  • finding partners for real estate projects (equity partners, joint ventures)
  • financing of real estate and investment projects
  • construction of stadiums and training centres - whether and how to claim VAT deductions
  • legal support (investment construction, property transfers, lease relations)

Subsidy Advisory ServicesWe will find you a suitable subsidy title and provide comprehensive support

  • subsidy analysis
  • identification of suitable subsidy titles
  • preparation of subsidy application including mandatory annexes
  • administration of supported subsidy projects (selection procedures, monitoring reports, changes to projects, payment requests, project publicity, setting up the archiving system, etc.)
  • ongoing communication with the subsidy provider
  • participation in project audits
  • subsidies received and their impact on VAT

 We also offer other services tailored to your everyday needs, whether you need to resolve status, business, legal or other matters. Do not hesitate to contact us.  

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Martin Bohuslav

Martin Bohuslav

Managing Partner | Attorney at Law

Martin Bohuslav is a Managing Partner at Deloitte Legal. He focuses on managing complex transactions, projects and restructurings. Martin specialises in performance of legal due diligence reviews conc... More

Petr Graca

Petr Graca

Senior Manager | Attorney at Law

Petr Graca is a Senior Managing Associate in the Business Integrity department at Deloitte Legal in Prague. Petr is also responsible for the area of sports law and for coordinating the local Sports Bu... More