Sports Business Group

Services for Professional Athletes 

Tax & Immigration Advisory Services So that you can concentrate on your sports performance...

  • tax registration
  • tax domicile
  • correctly filed tax returns (personal income tax, VAT, withholding tax)
  • health insurance and social security contributions
  • treatment and accounting of non-cash income (clothing, food, accommodation, travel, etc.)
  • communication with authorities and insurance companies
  • processing visas, long-term and permanent residencies
  • assessment of VAT deductions (for cars, offices, equipment and armaments, travel expenses, etc.)
  • comprehensive legal advice

Family MattersIn case something needs to be resolved in your personal relationships or family...

  • reduction, extension and modification of the matrimonial property (prenuptial agreements)
  • conflict handling (coaching, mediation)
  • divorces (contested, uncontested)
  • matrimonial property settlement
  • adjustment of relationships with children (maintenance, upbringing)
  • establishing and denying paternity
  • fostering, guardianship and adoption of a child
  • preliminary declaration, assistance agreement
  • inheritance and succession

Real estateIf you are looking for housing or to invest in property...

  • assessment of property selection and portfolio optimisation
  • valuation and feasibility studies
  • business model for the operation and functioning of the property
  • mediation of purchase/sale (asset deals & share deals)
  • finding partners for real estate projects (joint ventures)
  • residential/commercial real estate investment solutions
  • real estate mortgage financing
  • legal support in purchase/sale representation; lease relations
  • VAT implications of investments in apartments and land in the Czech Republic and abroad (claiming deductions, registration, and output tax)

Asset & Intellectual Property Protection If you decide to value or protect your assets or rights

  • structuring and managing your property portfolio
  • asset protection (trust fund, endowment fund)
  • diversification and risk insurance (property and non-property insurance)
  • investments (equity, securities, bonds; start-ups, e-shops)
  • non-bank financing (credit, loans and collateral), debt recovery
  • personality rights, advertising and marketing, social media
  • review of marketing contracts from a tax perspective, including barter issues
  • intellectual property rights, copyright
  • pro bono activities and projects (foundations)
  • patronage (e.g. summer programmes), sponsorship, donations

Tort law, procedural matters, claimsWhen something inadvertent happens...

  • traffic and other offences, administrative offences, administrative proceedings
  • drafting motions, requests, applications, complaints, criminal charges
  • compensation for damages, claims for defective performance (warranty claims), insurance claims
  • personal injury (representation of victims)
  • safeguarding of personal rights and honour
  • disciplinary and arbitration proceedings
  • civil court proceedings
  • criminal defence

We also offer other services tailored to your everyday needs, whether you need to resolve personal, business, legal or other matters. Do not hesitate to contact us.  

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Martin Bohuslav

Martin Bohuslav

Managing Partner | Attorney at Law

Martin Bohuslav is a Managing Partner at Deloitte Legal. He focuses on managing complex transactions, projects and restructurings. Martin specialises in performance of legal due diligence reviews conc... More

Petr Graca

Petr Graca

Senior Manager | Attorney at Law

Petr Graca is a Senior Managing Associate in the Business Integrity department at Deloitte Legal in Prague. Petr is also responsible for the area of sports law and for coordinating the local Sports Bu... More