Credit Bulletin 4/2019

Januar 2020

The forth Credit Bulletin 2019 contains a selection of Deloitte-publications with relevance to the credit business, securitisation, credit treasury, asset based finance, structured finance, DCM et al. Various articles are available in German and English, the articles from the international Deloitte-network are in English.


• The impact of automation

• New STS framework for synthetic securitisations
  EBA consultation

• The next generation
  Data-sharing in financial services

• Sustainable finance
  EBA’s action plan published

• The European securitisation framework
  Tackling challenges together

• IBOR-Reform
  Verlautbarung des IDW

• Investment Funds
  What value do they deliver to investors?

• Credit Bulletin 3/2019
  October 2019

 • World Economic Forum & Deloitte
  Artificial intelligence in financial services

• Out now
  2020 banking and capital markets outlook

• Credit Pool Tokeniser
  Using blockchain technology and smart contracts to enhance securitisation

• Green Finance at Deloitte
  Sustainability in banking and finance

• The new realities
  Technology in Financial Services

• Financial Markets
  Regulatory Outlook 2020

• NPL Regulierung von verschiedensten Seiten
  Überblick behalten im Dschungel

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