Deloitte NeedSphere: The needs that unconsciously guide our decisions

Adapt your product, offer or brand to the implicit expectations and needs of your target group(s). 

Deloitte NeedSphere is a method to identify and map personality types developed by our expert neuroscientists and psychologists. With the help of the Deloitte NeedSphere, we gain insights into the neurobiological need profiles of target group(s) that unconsciously guide their behavior. Based on these profiles, we can enable target group-specific optimization of services, products, user interfaces, and brands as well as communication measures. We thereby enable the effective differentiation from competing offers. In order to do so, we use a proprietary implicit online testing approach, in which participants have to decide quickly between two options in a rapid sequence of choices. 

Deloitte NeedSphere can be applied to various use cases such as:

  • Adapting your communication to the needs of your customers
  • Create a brand that meets customer needs and communicates your strategic values
  • Segment your customers/users according to their implicit needs and motivators
  • Understand which needs are addressed by your marketing campaigns or use Deloitte NeedSphere to select and design future campaigns precisely

Compared to traditional market research, Deloitte NeedSphere offers several advantages:

  • Implicit analysis of needs without results being influenced by introspection and verbalization
  • Avoidance of biases (e.g. social desirability, tendency towards the middle)
  • Universal model in which additional needs, values or attributes can be integrated, tailored to your application
  • Easy remote testing, location and time independent
  • Short test duration (approx. 5 minutes per person)

Moreover, Deloitte NeedSphere offers you added value such as:

  • Identify unconscious need profiles of target groups that influence the comfort of an interaction or identification with brands, products or services
  • Understanding unconscious and genuine associations with brands, products, services, etc.
  • Get quantitative insights on the overlap of selected values with a brand, product,
    service, etc. and subsequently align the analysis with your brand strategy
  • Provide clear recommendations for action that include implicit needs in order to create customer/user-centered solutions
  • Benchmark associations and values with competing brands and offerings, allowing for superior brand positioning

Did you know that there is a big chance that hormones influence our

Hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, cortisol etc. influence our thinking and behavior more than we believe. Scientists have found that these biochemical signaling molecules are responsible for a multitude of personal traits. Amongst others they influence our mood, how we act and whom we feel attracted to. It is also known that hormones affect risk-taking behavior whilst also playing a significant role in other states such as aggression or generosity. It is therefore no surprise that our preferences and long-term personality might be dependent on the dominance of certain hormones within our brains to some extent. For instance, people with lots of dopamine tend to be adventure-seeking, spontaneous and more flexible while people with high serotonin levels are more detail-oriented and prefer calm and controlled environments. These traits can vary during our adolescence but become stable after the end of the neurobiological development of humans.

At the Deloitte Neuroscience Institute, we use the Deloitte NeedSphere in various industries to make nudges more effective, gain unique insights on target groups’ needs or to align need profiles of our clients’ customers with their company and brand values. Find out how we used the Deloitte NeedSphere to design the most suited logo for a global software company.

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