Welcome to the Deloitte Neuroscience Institute


Welcome to the Deloitte Neuroscience Institute

We help you to understand your customer’s implicit decision-making processes and recommend actions to improve your sales, user experience and customer satisfaction.

Have you ever wondered what your customers really think about your brand and which marketing messages work the best? How much are your customers truly willing to pay and how do they actually use your offering under real-life circumstances?

In order to answer these and many more questions the Deloitte Neuroscience Institute (DNI) was founded. We use a unique neuroconsulting approach to combine neuroscientific methods with the industry experience of our various Deloitte professionals to provide you with insights on your customer. This way, we cannot only uncover the unconscious decision making processes but also derive specific, actionable recommendations to use them for your favor.

For example, we increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by understanding what the drivers of your customers’ purchase decisions are and how these decisions are influenced by marketing and brand perception. Discover how we optimized the marketing efficiency of a German retail chain.

Moreover, we support you with insights on the ideal price level and price communication for your offering. See how we helped a global FMCG client to identify the most effective price promotions.

We also support you in gaining insights on how intuitive to use your offerings are. For example, we use EEG and eye tracking to improve your dashboard and report design or increase the overall appeal of your offering according to customers’ preferences. Explore how we optimized the infotainment system of a global Automotive company to decrease the driver’s stress level while driving.

These are just a few examples where we can provide an additional layer of customer insights compared to conventional methods like surveys, questionnaires and customer panels, which often provide us with incomplete and or biased information about consumer behavior.

Within the DNI, we use neuroscientific methods like EEG, eye tracking and Implicit Association Testing (IAT) to make your customers’ subconscious consumption, purchase and usage behavior visible. The benefits for you include:

  • Improved conversion rate and user engagement
  • Higher sales volume and margins
  • Sharpened marketing messages and increased marketing effectiveness
  • Improved brand perception and positioning

For this, we use an elaborate four-phased project approach that includes the revision of the results with industry experts to derive purposeful recommended actions for your specific needs.

Many companies have already benefitted from our neuroconsulting services:

  • Energy companies have profited from improvement of employee satisfaction through design of compensation and benefit (C&B) program based on analysis of different C&B scenarios.
  • Telecommunications companies have profited from optimization of store revenue by increasing design appeal of shops.
  • Fashion companies have profited from improved conversion rate due to identification of pain points within customer shopping experience

If you are interested in the potentials of Neuroscience for your business, feel free to contact Gregor Elbel for a nonbinding chat.