EMEA Centre of Excellence Application Modernization


EMEA Center of Excellence (CoE) Application Modernization

Migrating legacy systems isn’t so hard

Organizations are often reluctant to replace legacy systems because updating core applications can be costly and can disrupt business operations. Additionally, legacy systems built decades ago still provide value today; they just need to transform. The EMEA Center of Excellence (CoE) Application Modernization powered by innoWake™ platform provides an innovative suite of solutions for modernizing legacy technology.

Starting with an assessment and detailed analysis of systems, Deloitte helps create a roadmap for how modernization can ultimately drive future business and serve customers. A fully automated refactoring process migrates the code and data, helps reduce the chance of error, and can significantly accelerate the time frame. The business is able to operate as usual during the entire development process. In the end, a powerful digital transformation can open all sorts of opportunities.

Migrating legacy systems using our modernization platform helps create possibilities for cloud, analytics, security, and artificial intelligence. Many legacy systems can’t stay like they are now. What’s your roadmap for application modernization?

EMEA Centres of Experience (CoE) Application Modernization


innoWake Discovery UI and innoWake Discovery Parser explore legacy code and supporting technologies to help sharpen visibility. Understanding the structure of the code and its dependencies is critical for planning a smooth migration. These Deloitte Consulting tools often uncover unknowns about how a legacy system was built.

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Deloitte Consulting’s innoWake Mining uses advanced analysis and code-abstraction capabilities to deliver a deep understanding of business functions executed by the code. By taking an in-depth look at the code and data with modernization and transformation in mind, Deloitte’s automated tools and methods can help provide deep insights into an organization’s current-state business and technology capabilities.

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Legacy DevOps

Deloitte Consulting’s innoWake Development and innoWake Operationsallow developers to operate in a modern DevOps environment on the legacy mainframe or after modernization. Having the right tools to support both legacy languages and modern code is mission critical in supporting the transition.

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Fully automated refactoring of legacy code into modern languages can be achieved using Deloitte Consulting’s innoWake DatainnoWake Enabler, and innoWake Refactoring. Automating the process helps reduce risk. Deloitte can build on current system capabilities and help prioritize modernization of application tiers for the entire enterprise.

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After refactoring, the legacy mainframe is retired and the rewritten application is migrated to an up-to-date programming language and platform. Modern code enables you to take advantage of new technologies such as cloud, analytics, and cybersecurity. Deloitte’s deep design and implementation approach to modernization can help you innovate and digitally transform your business.

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Migrating legacy applications to the cloud is no longer optional; it’s a basic business requirement. Today, organizations looking to achieve the full benefits of the cloud model are turning to Cloud Native, an approach to building and running applications that enables developers to more rapidly design, deliver, and operate business-critical tools and services.

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Success Story: Global insurer updates legacy app with automated refactoring

Modernizing an insurance claims application for enterprise-wide compatibility: a large European insurance company with operations in more than 100 countries had embarked on an enterprise-wide transformation to help it achieve strategic growth. The project refactored 1.2 million lines of COBOL code and 1.400 objects. Data refactored included 22 million claims, 2.5 billion database records, 250 tables, and 200 sequential and ISAM files.

Our success story

Case Study: Deloitte transforms a 25-year-old mainframe system for the State of Utah with AWS

Using our Application Modernization solution powered by innoWake™, we transformed the COBOL-based mainframe application to a Java-based system in an automated fashion and deployed it on AWS, using Elastic Load Balancing and Auto Scaling services to create a highly available, secure, and elastic solution by automatically distributing incoming traffic across multiple Amazon EC2 instances.