Roskilde Festival is the biggest festival in the Nordics and the second biggest festival in Europe. Roskilde Festival is part of a 100 per cent non-profit organisation, the Roskilde Festival Group, with the strategic ambition to be a sustainable community that moves people, inspires the outside world, and leads the way to make a difference. This year, Roskilde Festival celebrated festival number 50. With 100,000 participants and 290 performing artists, it was a year to remember.

A partnership with the Roskilde Festival Group starts with a match in culture and values. And a partnership with Roskilde Festival means putting the partners' competencies into play so they contribute to the positive development of society, which the Roskilde Festival Group supports. Deloitte’s purpose is to make an impact that matters for people, clients, and society. The partnership with Roskilde Festival is an excellent example of how we engage our people and clients around a common societal goal.

Digital strategy
Continuing to give Roskilde Festival participants a great digital experience before and during the festival is absolutely key. Deloitte has helped the Roskilde Festival Group develop a new digital strategy that, among other things, will help the festival host and service the festival goers.

Developing bottom lines for social, environmental, and artistic sustainability
By co-operating on the development of new forms of bottom lines for sustainability work, we have helped the Roskilde Festival Group in qualifying its strategic ambition and ourselves in improving knowledge and processes within sustainability reporting.

Volunteering at work

Deloitte and Roskilde Festival have investigated how the festival can work together with businesses through developing new types of collaboration, where businesses bring their competencies into play while contributing to the festival. For Deloitte, volunteering at work has been an opportunity to spend a day creating an impact outside the office.

The Small Great Nation Youth Panel

As part of the Small Great Nation initiative, we gathered 42 young people to co-create a vision for Denmark in 2040. This vision was launched in the summer of 2020 and was supposed to be launched at the Flokkr stage at Roskilde. However, because of COVID-19, the youth panel presented its vision through online sessions instead and has since then been engaged as speakers at Deloitte events and other events on topics such as climate, workforce, and education. This year, the panel could finally attend the festival, where we gathered its members for a reunion.

Client impact day

In June 2022, we took 40 Deloitte clients, primarily chief digital and security officers, to an experience day at the festival. They learned about Roskilde Festival’s business model, journey, and digital strategy. In addition, they got a guided tour around the festival and behind the stages, a very special experience at the main stage, the Orange Stage and access to the exclusive X Treatment lounge area.

“The Roskilde Festival is one of the most impressive phenomena in Denmark when it comes to bringing like-minded people together, but also to leveraging alternative organisation models. To me, both aspects are core reasons why Deloitte has partnered up with Roskilde Festival. The festival brings 100,000+ people together. Like-minded, yes, but with an absolutely extraordinary level of difference and open-mindedness. This is true diversity gathering on common ground, a purpose we fully support at Deloitte. The ability to organise and manage such a complex event is equally impressive and something we hope to be able to help improve even further in the future. It is fantastic to work with an institution that welcomes a great part of our talents every year as guests and volunteers”, emphasises Martin Søegaard, Head of Deloitte Consulting.

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