Helping our people live sustainable lives

We strive to create a sustainable working environment for everyone and give our people the best conditions to make work and ambitions a positive aspect of life while minimising the risk of stress and burnout as much as possible. Our internal survey shows that, on average, three out of four feel they have a good work-life balance, while approximately one out of four feels stressed more than half of all workdays and some almost every day. We want to change this and support our people in achieving a good work-life balance and reducing risks to their health and our business through the untimely loss of talented people. Therefore, we have increased our focus on cultivating a sustainable workplace where each and every one of us can thrive. Our talented people remain our most important asset. Without our people, there is no Deloitte. 

Introducing a new, family-friendly parental leave policy  
Becoming a parent changes your life. However, in general, parenthood affects men and women in the workforce differently. In Denmark, women take 90 per cent of the parental leave. This uneven distribution of parental leave is a key reason for the continued inequality between women and men in the Danish labour market.

To contribute towards attaining a more equal playing field, we have introduced a new and improved parental leave policy this year. By giving mothers, fathers, and co-parents 24 weeks of paid leave, we want to help promote the structural change needed for a more equal distribution of parental leave – not just at Deloitte – but also in society in general. And we are happy to see that many other organisations have also decided to introduce equal parental leave terms.

Better parental leave conditions and policies are part of Deloitte’s Happy Parents programme, which has been running for four years. The Happy Parents programme also ensures that our talents are prepared for their parental leave and, after becoming parents, continue to thrive in their jobs upon returning to Deloitte. For instance, we have introduced flexible return days to ease the transition.

In the top five
Our people are core to Deloitte, and we want to continue attracting and retaining top talents. Thus, we are proud that students persistently perceive Deloitte as one of Denmark’s best places to work. Once again, in 2022, we were in the top five of the most attractive workplaces for business students according to the annual Universum ranking.

The ranking places us at the very top of the audit industry, and is testimony to the fact that we continue to offer a workplace with a worthwhile purpose, excellent career opportunities, lifelong learning, caring colleagues, and a strong community for life. However, although we are proud of our results, we know the journey is ongoing, pledging to continue to do more every day.

Increasing focus on well-being
Every day, we live our purpose of ‘making an impact that matters’. The well-being of all employees is indeed a cornerstone of our purpose. It is especially relevant as we have grown from a total of 2,802 employees last year to 3,186 at the end of this financial year. This entails a lot of onboarding and changes for our employees.

The past year, we have increased our focus on employee well-being and taken initiatives to improve work-life balance. These include the well-being project and its recurring emphasis on healthy living, including guidance about exercise, a healthy diet, and getting enough rest. We have been inspired by health experts, served energy-boosting and anti-inflammatory foods, and offered the well-being app, AIO, for free to all employees. AIO is a science-based health guide that focuses on breathing, hydration, sleep, exercise, mindfulness, and nutrition.

We have also held online meditation sessions three times a week, encouraged walk-and-talk meetings - which were kicked off with free beverages to bring along on your walk, and we have hosted physical training sessions including running, circuit training, and brisk walks. And we continued to raise awareness about identifying and addressing the early signs of stress and burnout.

We have also launched Deloitte's Code of Distributed Work to support our people in maintaining a flexible working life wherever and whenever possible. The Code includes having the flexibility to work from home or more formalised flexibility such as working part-time hours.

Striving for gender diversity in leadership positions
Representation matters. And we have a longstanding focus on gender balance in leadership positions. Although we have progressed and increasingly do so, gender representation in middle and top-level management has been and continues to be unsatisfactory. We have devoted significant resources to a wide range of efforts as we are working relentlessly on increasing the share of women in all positions, while focusing particularly on levels from managers to partners. These measures include firm criteria for our talent pipeline to ensure that the gender distribution continues to reflect the talent pool as talents move up the ladder - in general as well as in our talent programmes for high-performing talents. Furthermore, we have instituted clear gender diversity targets for commercial roles in our market programmes and, based on learning from our pilot year, we have expanded our female sponsor programme to ensure the continued development of our female talents.

Besides training our leaders in how to become aware of their unconscious biases, e.g. in leading, hiring, and promoting employees, we have introduced a procedure that helps leaders determine if they have the right talents on the right development tracks and programmes or if they have overlooked skilled candidates.  

In addition, we have updated our Happy Parents programme with several initiatives, including five flexible days off to ease the return from parental leave, updated the content and form of training offered to leaders with talents going on leave, and reduced targets for our parents returning from leave. As mentioned above, our newly introduced parental leave gives all parents equal leave terms and includes initiatives to ease the transition from parental leave back to work to create a workplace that embraces work-life balance, even for parents.

Amongst the elected board members, our target is to have at least 25 per cent female or male board members. With only 20 per cent women, there is still room for significant improvement. However, our two employee-elected board members are also women. The Board is also diverse in terms of professional backgrounds, geography, and international experience to ensure we reflect a global view. As determined by the Danish Act on Approved Auditors and Audit Firms, most board members are state-authorised public accountants.

Delivering through diversity and by fostering inclusion
At Deloitte, we encourage and value diversity in all its shapes and sizes. Today, we have 50 different nationalities working at Deloitte Denmark. We deeply value this diversity and recruit accordingly. We believe that a welcoming and inclusive culture is integral to people doing their best. Inclusion and diversity empower business innovation, and we believe diverse groups deliver stronger and more innovative solutions to our clients. Furthermore, we need diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences to reflect the society we are part of.

Therefore, we strive for an inclusive and diverse organisation and aim to achieve this by nurturing, appreciating, and strengthening the diversity of gender, background, education, culture, age, and thought. We want all talents to feel welcome, valued, respected, and included in our professional and social communities across Deloitte. We are working to achieve a more balanced composition of people with different ethnic and educational backgrounds, as well as cultural, LGBTQ+, and religious backgrounds.

We take pride in a workplace where everybody can feel safe, thrive, and grow. Our recently updated anti-harassment policy reflects this and is sent to all new employees as part of our employee handbook. Our approach reflects our commitment to create a workplace free of harassment, sexism, and discrimination, where each person is treated with courtesy, dignity, and respect, and where there is an equal opportunity for all to succeed. The message is unambiguous. Any form of sexual, gender-based, or psychological harassment is unacceptable.


Aiming for more diversity
As mentioned above, we have more than 50 different nationalities at Deloitte Denmark today. This number means that one out of ten employees are international. In Risk Advisory alone, more than a third of all employees have an international background, representing 30 different nationalities.

During the year, we celebrated Deloitte’s first Diversity & Inclusion week. Over that week, we participated in various national events and debates and sponsored KVINFO’s yearly International Women’s Day celebration. We also had two internal events - one focusing on gender identities in the workplace hosted by GLOBE, our internal LGBT+ community, and another on the benefits and challenges of working in diverse teams. On a more practical level, we have made it possible for employees to include pronouns in their e-mail signatures. Also, we have converted all our toilets into gender-neutral toilets to create a more inclusive environment for our colleagues who identify as non-binary or transgender.

In addition, we teamed up with the Danish NGO Professional Women of Colour (ProWoc) that works to increase the visibility and impact of women of colour in Denmark. As part of this collaboration, ProWoc has helped Deloitte build an internal diversity network and supported us with other initiatives to advance our respect and inclusion agenda.

When the annual Copenhagen Pride Festival took place, we took part in the celebration by hosting an open-air party with debates and music for all our LGBT+ colleagues and allies. We also communicated through our senior leaders the importance of diversity and inclusion to emphasise to our people that we live our values - they are not just empty words.

Apart from offering Danish language and culture courses, we are also conducting a range of projects to improve the experience of working in Denmark for international talents - including an international network. We also continue our Embracing Diversity project, a buddy programme for international new hires who team up with an experienced international buddy to help them settle in. In the coming year, we plan a cultural awareness campaign to help our people be considerate towards colleagues from different cultures.

In addition, when it was time to observe Ramadan, we promoted Deloitte Denmark's Muslim Network and raised awareness around the purpose and different sacred aspects of Ramadan. Furthermore, we promoted how to be inclusive and considerate towards our Muslim colleagues observing the fast and upholding their worship.

With all these initiatives, we aim to create a culture of belonging amongst our employees. Belonging in the sense of feeling secure, accepted, and included. It has a positive effect on your performance and personal life, and it is critical to improving engagement and overall business goals in a people business like ours.

Developing and training our leaders
When it comes to leadership, our ambition is to cultivate inclusive leaders who are empowered to develop and grow our talents. To continue our progress, our Leadership Academy has been redesigned with a strong focus on personal development, as well as working with strengths and development points individually and in teams. Our training provides our leaders with concrete leadership tools that can be used in day-to-day situations and furthermore enable a focus on both physical and mental well-being. During the past year, we have expanded our courses and targeted the individual programmes to different talents to support the development of top senior talents, upcoming partners, and newly appointed partners.

Based on research and own experience, we know that leaders who are physically and mentally well are much better and more engaging leaders. That is why we have integrated scientific evidence on sleep, diet, physical exercise, and mindfulness with individual treatments and coaching in our leadership training. And in so doing, we have added a vital component to building the foundation for a healthy, grounded approach to life and work. 

Our Leadership Academy also includes international programmes that allow leaders to build networks while sharing best practices and common experiences with peers and leading specialists. While collaborating with established universities globally, we also have our own learning facilities - the Deloitte University. The new location of the Deloitte University EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) is currently under construction outside of Paris. The Deloitte University allows us to gather our people across member firms and give them an exceptional development experience while strengthening the Deloitte culture.

Digital learning also took off in the past year, in which we began to leverage our digital learning platform CURA even more. Digital courses proved to be valuable during COVID-19, and with the flexibility and opportunity to tailor learning to different needs and interests across our international Deloitte network, this is the kind of learning that continues to be relevant and attractive within specific areas.

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