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The Best Managed Companies programme is a competition to recognise the overall success of strong private owned companies based on strategic direction, ability to execute, corporate culture and financial performance.

About Best Managed Companies


The Best Managed Companies Award is a programme recognising excellence in Danish companies. The programme looks into how Danish companies master their growth strategies across all key management functions, and it culminates with a big awards ceremony to celebrate the organisational success and achievement. The Best Managed Companies Award is a part of a global initiative already present in Sweden, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Chile, Belgium and the Netherlands. The designation is a well-regarded international stamp of quality for best managed private companies.


Danish owned and managed companies are the backbone of our economy and the cornerstone of our local society. We want to recognize and celebrate the hard work, the passion, and the pioneering ideas that emanate from the Danish mid market.

Additional to the hard-earned recognition, the participants will receive an independent view of their business from coaches who provide insight and feedback to help leaders benchmark their business against other businesses. The programme provides a distinct framework for management teams to challenge themselves and the overall process results in key take-aways that can be used to sharpen strategies and further strengthen the company.

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Danish owned and managed companies usually lead a quiet life in the shadows of big iconic brands. Now it’s time to bring them out in the spotlight so that the world can see what impact they make every day. With Best Managed Companies, we want to bring attention to the Danish midsize companies that are truly outstanding so that our entire small great nation can see why they are best-in-class. Our hope is to encourage, develop and inspire Danish companies to put in the efforts that will ensure growth and international expansion.

- Lars Nygaard Bertelsen | Leader of Best Managed Companies, Denmark

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