Why participate?

What’s in it for your company?

There are obvious benefits to winning any award but the Denmark’s Best Managed Companies award offers some unique opportunities.

Why participate in this programme?

  • Every company that meets our criteria is immediately assigned a coach to guide them through the process.
  • Exclusive use of the Deloitte Best Managed Companies designation – a symbol of corporate success and a well-regarded international stamp of quality for best managed private companies.
  • An enhanced ability to attract and retain talents.
  • Benchmarking against other strong private companies who also meets the criterias for applying.
  • Invitations to Best Managed Companies events, including the celebration of the winners in 2022.
  • An opportunity to reflect upon the company’s strategy and business plan and take a deep dive into its strengths and weaknesses. Coaches provide valuable insights along the way throughout the application process.
  • An award that recognises and honors the entire company, not only individuals.
  • An opportunity to get some hard earned recognition to lift the purpose of the company.
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