2023 Remuneration Trends for Boards & Executives in C25 Companies

Discover key insights and future predictions on the 2023 remuneration trends for Boards and Executives in C25 companies

Deloitte has published its annual analysis of Board and Executive remuneration within Danish C25 companies for 2023. The report offers the latest insights into the remuneration trends of these leading companies, and is based on data from remuneration reports relating to financial periods ending between June and December 2023.

In addition to revealing the medians on various remuneration components for CEOs, CFOs and Board members, the report also highlights the growing trend of incorporating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics into Executive remuneration. The report concludes with a look ahead to the remuneration topics and trends that Boards should be mindful to address in 2024.

Deloitte continues to advise clients on remuneration strategy, design, committee work, policy, implementation, communication, and reporting. For more insights and detailed analysis, feel free to explore the full report or contact our Board and Executive remuneration advisors.

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