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Plantorama is a Danish family business, founded by Søren Vang Christensen, the fifth generation in the range of gardeners. Back in 2016, Plantorama wanted to improve its pension and insurance scheme for its employees, as well as create a greater awareness of the importance of retirement in the organization.

Plantorama initiated a collaboration with Deloitte Pension Management to help define the company's future pension policy, as well as implement a tender for the scheme. In addition, we have had the pleasure of negotiating with the pension provider about financing a health analysis with an external supplier, so that Plantorama could work with health and prevention at a strategic level.

Plantorama has subsequently learned that the new pension scheme is better than the previous one and that this has also become more visible to the employees. We continue to help with ongoing operations through professional advice and quality assurance of the company's pension and health care system.

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