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Deloitte’s Cyber Survey gives insights into the current cyber landscape in Danish organisations after a year full of impactful events.


During the past 10 years, one in five organisations has experienced a ‘successful’ cyberattack with a material impact on their organisations. Our survey shows that one of the biggest impacts was a disruption in operations, recovery costs and loss of revenue.

In this year’s survey, we still see a discrepancy between the companies’ perception of their cyber security maturity and the implementation of basic security measures. This indicates that companies and public sector organisations have a positive self-image – maybe too positive.

The main reasons given for the lack of security enhancements are the lack of internal resources and time – and the top management not giving it a priority. This indicates that organisations are still in the process of developing and implementing overall strategies and processes for cyber security.

Below you can dive into this year’s findings and explore interviews with Tal Arad, CIO in Carlsberg and Jay Choi, Partner in Deloitte.

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The Cyber Survey is based on 133 quantitative CATI interviews with Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and cybersecurity managers from Danish companies and organisations with more than 200 employees. The quantitative interviews were conducted by Epinion from September to October 2022 on behalf of Deloitte.

The overall purpose of the survey is to get insights into the cyber resiliency and maturity in Danish companies and public sector organisations.

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