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B Round

Are you equipped to handle cyber attacks? How do you manage billing between countries? If you are considering selling the company, do you have a strategy in place for that?

If growth is to continue, more capital firewood must be brought to the fire. In the B round, you are in full swing adding to, or strengthening, your product portfolio and expanding into new markets. Several investors have you in their sights as a potential investment case, but before the potential is exchanged for equity interests, it requires you to upgrade your business and product development, sales, marketing and support.

In the B round, we advise growth companies on risk management processes and sales strategies. We also help with pension matters, monitoring and venture debt.

Audit analysis

Do you need detailed financial insight into the business? Do you want to give your investors and partners additional perspectives on the various activities of the business?

As the company grows, more and more valuable data comes along that contributes to valuable insights into the business. With Audit Analytics, we offer insight-driven auditing, which provides a significantly improved level of insight into the company’s finances.

With Audit Analytics, you get a higher-quality audit and achieve:

  • significantly better insight into your company’s finances
  • new perspectives on your company’s activities
  • reduced workload for the people responsible for finance

Cyber security

Digitisation and the many new technologies increase the number of gateways to your critical data. In particular, hackers keep small and new businesses in their sights because they do not always have a preparedness able to withstand cyber attacks.

At Deloitte, we help growth companies safeguard employees, devices and processes against cyber attacks. Among other things, this includes:

  • Cybersecurity review
  • Awareness training
  • Mitigating the most critical vulnerabilities on the network
  • Working with administrative rights in an easy and safe way
  • Getting hardware and software inventory up to date

Risk management

Fast-growing companies are either born digital or undergo a digital transformation over time, where more and more workflows are digitised. Although digitisation brings many business benefits with it, there are also a number of risks you need to be able to identify and manage.

Among other things, this means that you must continuously reconsider and redevelop some of your existing risk management processes. At Deloitte, we help you develop a risk management framework that can grow while your business is growing and technical solutions are developing. Among other things, this includes:

  • Control
  • Design
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Use
  • Monitoring
  • Testing

DCI Monitoring system

Monitoring is the key to an effective control environment – whether you aim to be listed or not. As your business grows, complexity increases and managing internal controls in Excel is no longer efficient. Using a monitoring tool like DCI (Deloitte Control Intelligence), you can easily manage your various tasks via the same platform.

DGI is a workflow-based system in the Microsoft Office Suite (in the cloud). The tool helps monitor risks and controls, which increases transparency and ensures timely implementation of controls.

Exit Planning

If you are considering selling the company, an early dialogue helps clarify motives and expectations for the potential sale. At Deloitte, we help you assess the best possible exit strategy and design a tailor-made process that matches your wishes.

Deloitte Pension Management

Have you placed a financial safety net under employees and the company? At Deloitte, we help fast-growing companies navigate the pension and insurance jungle. Our advisers are impartial and help to formulate a pension policy, hold pension tenders and ensure that you get the pension scheme that suits you the best. The advisory services also include:

  • Quality assurance and discussion
  • Evaluation of pension and healthcare plans
  • Strategic healthcare
  • Regular quality assurance of coverage levels
  • Regular satisfaction surveys
  • HR support in case of illness and injuries

Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing is relevant from the first day of your international growth journey. When invoicing between multiple countries, you need to make sure the pricing is tailored to national tax conditions.

At Deloitte, we help you handle pricing so that it takes into account the company’s international business operations and goals. Transfer pricing must be continuously monitored and re-evaluated when changes occur in the business. This applies, among other things, to the relocation of employees, changes in rights and price adjustments for new sales channels.

Venture debt

Venture debt is a loan for startups and scaleups that have already obtained equity funding. Venture debt can be an important source of growth capital and supplement both equity financing and loan financing. In this way, the company is in possession of sufficient liquidity until the next funding round, while at the same time minimising share dilution.

Deloitte Legal has one of the most experienced teams in Denmark, ready to give you the necessary advice and insight into venture debt.

CSR strategy and climate impact

Customers and investors have a basic expectation that, as a company, you take responsibility for the impact you have on the environment and society. But where are your main environmental risks? And where do you have the opportunity to make a real social difference?

At Deloitte, we have a range of services to help you get started securing a sustainable business. The goal is to create the greatest possible common value for the company and other important stakeholders. We do this by maximising the company’s positive value creation and minimising both actual and potential negative impacts.

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