Our work with Growth Companies

Some companies have exponential potential. They grow at an impressive pace and break new ground within disruptive technologies. In Denmark we have a large number of start-up and scale-up companies with ambitions and a business model to go that extra mile. The Deloitte Fast Growing Company team help them do that.

Deloitte has assembled our experts with extended industry knowledge to help start-up and scale-up companies succeed.

We offer tailor-made solutions to start-up and scale-up companies as the trusted advisor throughout their transition and growth period. The needs of start-ups and scale-ups tend to differ. Start-ups need to build up a network of investors whereas scale-ups focus on the due diligence process and an international tax perspective.

No matter the perspective, we can help you and are ready to take care of your needs. Both start-up and scale-up companies need a partnership and professional services to fulfil their ambitions. We follow you all the way to the top and do not leave you until your company reaches its full potential.


Seed / Pre Seed

Are you equipped to involve the first investors? How do you handle the raising of capital? Do you have your tax matters in order?

A Round

Are you ready to enter new markets? Do you have an overview of international tax and accounting matters? And have you established a plan for how your business model can generate long-term profits?

B Round

Are you equipped to handle cyber attacks? How do you manage billing between countries? If you are considering selling the company, do you have a strategy in place for that?

C Round

Have you laid out a sales strategy? Are you in compliance with the advanced obligations for transfer pricing? Do you have an attractive warrant programme for your key employees?

IPO / Exit

Are you ready to have your company listed? Or is selling the company’s shares the next natural step?

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