Fast Growing Companies

IPO / Exit

Are you ready to have your company listed? Or is selling the company’s shares the next natural step?

To many fast-growing companies, an IPO is the ultimate financing round, which can also mean a full or partial exit for founders. Deloitte can help you all the way to listing, whether you aim to bring in capital or complete an exit.


Whether an IPO or M&A is the best strategy for realising a company sale depends on the specific business constellation and your future goals.

With an IPO, you attract potential partners, customers, investors, new talent and qualified board members. But you do not make it to an IPO without effort. It requires thorough preparation and a detailed review of the company’s business activities.

At Deloitte Legal, we are ready to advise you on venture capital, private equity, M&A and capital markets. We represent both buyers and sellers, business angel syndicates, institutional and private investors as well as the corporate target audience at all stages of the sales process. This includes, among other things, structuring of transactions, strategic considerations, the maintenance of due diligence, project and process management and the preparation of negotiation documents.

M&A Advisory

At Deloitte Corporate Finance, we offer M&A advice to business owners, contractors and private equity clients. We handle all the strategic, financial and tactical aspects of the process in relation to either buying or selling the company.

We have a constant high flow of trades and, with our 70 members, make up what is by far the largest team in Denmark.

We take pride in providing high quality and tactical understanding when we facilitate the proper processes. In addition, our industry groups (e.g. software) ensure excellent insight into the core dynamics of the markets, as well as the global gathering of investors across all industries. We do this through our global network of more than 2,500 corporate finance professionals.

Compliance review

As legislation, standards and stakeholder requirements change constantly, a complex landscape of compliance is created that can feel impossible to keep up with – especially when you are in the process of expanding into new markets.

At Deloitte, we help you create an overview of the compliance work and identify potential risks. Among other things, we do this by offering a number of tools and techniques that can support your daily work. We review your compliance-related procedures and complete a general evaluation of the company’s compliance culture.

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