Fraud Advisory Services

Protect. Monitor. Respond.

We help clients protect, monitor, and respond against the threats of economic crime.

The preventive need to identify, assess and manage risk of fraud, bribery and corruption or other business misconduct is increasing. We help our clients act quickly and confidently in the face of regulatory concerns and actions, or sensitive internal investigations. Our global network allows us to combine an understanding of local business cultures and regulatory issues to find a path to a successful resolution and leave the client better prepared to protect their assets, brand, reputation, and values.

Explore our Fraud Advisory Services

Fraud risk management

Enhancing your understanding and assessment of risks, providing a strategic approach across a wide portfolio of economic crime domains. Identifies whether you have an effective and efficient fraud risk management and investigation function and benchmarks you against your peers.

Fraud investigations

Helping organisations by providing a team of specialists and subject matter experts in fraud to investigate concerns, allegations, or suspicions of fraud efficiently and effectively.

Accounting investigations

Forensic experts by your side to investigate intricate accounting issues, support you in meeting your financial markets reporting obligations and your interaction with stakeholders, regulators and auditors, and support in connection with related follow-on litigation

Bribery and corruption investigations

Helping clients investigate concerns or allegations of bribery and corruption within their business or by a business partner.

Outsourced investigation support

A cost-effective and efficient end-to-end investigations service embedded in your incident response and investigation processes.

Forensic technology and analytics

Deloitte forensic technology helps our clients identify, secure, search and analyse large and complex data sets in a fast, structured, and efficient manner through use of the latest technology.

Regulatory investigations

Enabling you to respond to regulatory investigations, resolving complex and very challenging issues as quickly and economically as possible.

Asset tracing

In a globalised market, our asset tracing and recovery experts can work with you and your legal advisers to find out where funds have gone and support in their recovery.

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