Monitor Deloitte’s Business Design and Configuration practice works with organizations to validate their transformation ambition, identify and prioritize the capabilities required for success, and design the operating model to effectively deliver on the strategy. Serving as enterprise architects, we create the blueprint for how businesses can operate to deliver their strategy and develop the roadmap to help them get there. We help companies navigate and accelerate change by prioritizing focus areas that drive significant value. This often involves two important activities: communication of a new vision that translates strategy into action; and facilitation of upfront discussions to guide detailed process, organizational, and technology design.

Our approach is capability based, focused on delivering the set of processes enabled by people and technology required to differentiate our clients in the marketplace. Capability is the demonstrated, consistent capacity to perform against a desired objective. It is defined through its mission, insights, and governance and the combination of process, technology, and talent required to support it. We are experience led, with each member of our team having extensive, relevant industry knowledge as well as program, functional, and technical experience in architecting complex business transformations.

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Frederikke Saust

Senior Manager

+45 30 93 60 13

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