Catalysts for change


Philanthropic and commercial foundations have a crucial role to play in implementing the 17 global goals by placing them at the center of their strategy, partnerships and philanthropic distribution policy.

Breaking down silos

Foundations are stronger positioned than many other actors to be the point of intersection for collaboration between business, public institutions and civil society on projects addressing the global goals. In working to achieve the SDG’s, foundations can be instrumental in breaking down silos and bringing the necessary expertise and capital to the table.

How Deloitte can help

In Deloitte, we encourage organizations to fulfill their role in solving persistent problems through aligned action. To this end, Deloitte helps clients with thinking in new ways and in new partnerships.

Deloitte facilitates Strategy Labs for the Board and the management looking at future trends and opportunities. We help client with conducting 360 degree evaluations to understand the impact of their strategy, define their strategic priorities and future course.

Perfectly placed for impact

Danish foundations are in the middle of a great shift. They are slowly recognizing their potential as catalysts for change and how they can contribute to solving persistent problems in society. The SDG’s are increasingly becoming an important shaper of this shift.

A new report developed by Monitor Deloitte in September 2017 shows that 75% of Danish foundations find that the SDG agenda is the most important trend influencing their work going forward. However, few have started to use the global goals as a strategic framework for their philanthropic distribution or investments (article and report in Danish).

Bahare Haghshenas

Bahare Haghshenas

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Michael Hjortlund


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