2020 Global Marketing Trends


The opportunities for brands to engage with their customers and consumers are ever increasing – but doing this in a way that keeps the Human at the centre of the experience is not trivial. In our inaugural Global Marketing Trends report we have identified seven distinct themes for 2020 through interviews with over 80 experts from around the world - Agility, Human Experience, Fusion, Participation, Purpose, Talent and Trust.

These explore areas that we believe are critical for all parts of an organisation – and especially those that engage with customers and consumers at key moments that matter.

Bringing authenticity to our digital age

We are living in an era of unprecedented technological innovation, but one thing remains constant: the human. By putting the human at the forefront of our digital environments, brands can successfully navigate the increasingly digitised business, economic and social environment and make an impact that matters.


Authenticity is paramount. Companies that lead with purpose are able to achieve loyalty, consistency, and relevance in the lives of humans they serve. Purpose can be used to bond people across organisational siloes, define strategies for customer, workforce and partner engagement, celebrate diversity and define your brand in the world.

Human Experience
Paying down experience debt. When digital connections lack a human touch, it can create an environment where people feel isolated, underrepresented and unfulfilled. Brands can elevate the human experience and address the unmet human need for connection by aligning customers, the workforce and partners to a common purpose.

The new business blend. Traditional boundaries between industries are dissolving, leaving large and open ecosystems to thrive. In the era of fusion, brands are looking beyond conventional constraints and finding new ways to serve customers, uncover disruptive threats and partner with those who may have once been viewed as the competition.

Proactively safeguard trust in the connected age. Customers, regulators and the media expect brands to be open, honest and consistent across all aspects of their business. Companies should build an infrastructure that protects what stakeholders value most, while proactively detecting threats in the domains of cybersecurity, data protection, regulatory compliance and reputation.

Amplify consumer participation. Increased customer interaction can build competitive advantage, strengthen loyalty and generate brand value across the entire product and customer lifecycles. Many leading brands encourage willing consumer participants to act as brand ambassadors, influencers, advocates, collaborators and even innovators.

Value your most important asset. Organisations that acknowledge each individual's experience place the entire person at the centre of what they do. Blending and creating new roles can bridge gaps and better account for the collective customer, workforce and partner experiences.

Meet in the moment. Drawing on key principles from agile software development, agility is both a framework and a mindset. When an organisation can structure internal operations in a manner that empowers rapid content production and real time interaction to drive engagement in moments that matter.

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