Tax Management Consulting

We help clients understand and transform their processes, technology, and resourcing models and, when appropriate, offer global cosourcing and outsourcing capabilities. This helps tax departments address specific objectives for quality and control in a cost-effective way that also creates value for their organization.

Your resource for transformation

Deloitte’s Tax Management Consulting can help you assess your current organization, processes, technology, and data and create a roadmap for transformation. We help you create new standards for effective practice in tax processes, controls, and output, drawing on deep experience to deliver a combination of tax, technology, and consulting capabilities. We can help you evolve a new role for the tax department, one which proactively manages change, creates value for the organization, and meets the challenges of quality assurance and control.

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Tax Department Strategy, Risk Management, and Operating Model

In our view, the world’s leading tax departments integrate business strategy and risk management into their tax organizations and operating models. Deloitte advises organizations’ tax departments as they seek to align tax operations to their business strategy, often in conjunction with a finance transformation project. Services include helping the tax function develop its strategy and providing analysis of organizational models, roles and responsibilities; job skill requirements; performance measurement; and governance and controls within a tax department. We may also assist with the integration of a business’s processes for tax compliance, tax audit and evaluating and managing its tax rate, which can include determining whether appropriate key performance indicators for performance management are in place.

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Tax Technology

Tax departments today often face significant resource constraints, requiring an increased focus on efficiency and effective use of technology to streamline their compliance and reporting processes. Overreliance on spreadsheets, outdated technology, and a lack of integration between tax and finance systems can hamper a tax departments’ ability to obtain and analyze the data needed for timely and accurate tax compliance and reporting.

Deloitte assists tax departments in understanding requirements for the design, selection, and implementation of tax software for global and local purposes for both direct and indirect taxes. We have extensive experience with leading tax technologies available and our services include helping clients to make appropriate technology choices and configuring and integrating those choices through the entire record-to-report business cycle for tax. Typical technology solutions include enterprise systems, middleware, tax applications, and management reporting dashboards.

In particular, the integration of tax data requirements into enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems is increasingly critical for tax departments to operate effectively. We can advise organizations wishing to tax enable their ERP systems, including the direct and indirect tax requirements and the related data to support their tax-related activities on a global basis. We also assist with data retention, document management, and the prioritization of controls.

Tax information is increasingly important to management’s ability to plan and forecast. Deloitte’s Tax Management Consulting teams can assist organizations leverage data analytics for tax and analyze the data and information produced. In addition, we can assist businesses gain insights into past tax performance and analyze how tax technologies, applications, and leading practices may help tax departments plan and executive tax management more effectively.

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Tax Cosourcing

The expectations of the tax function are rapidly evolving. Teams are being asked to do more with less, while keeping up with increasingly complex regulation. In response, tax directors are transforming their operating model so that they can play a more consultative role to the broader organization. Many are using alternative sourcing strategies such as collaborative sourcing (cosourcing) to handle their traditional compliance and reporting duties so that they can focus on higher-value activities such as tax data analytics, tax modeling, planning, and risk management.

Tax Cosourcing Services from Deloitte provides a streamlined and cost-efficient approach with a dedicated client service team working side-by-side with you. Our flexible and scalable model allows you to determine the level of service and support that fits your fact pattern today and adjusts to address your evolving tax compliance and reporting needs and circumstances. We deliver:

The right team, with the right skills, at the right time, around the world

  • A multidisciplinary team of tax technical and technology professionals who understand the spectrum of tax compliance and tax provisioning issues and can efficiently leverage software.
  • Experienced central, regional, and local teams – supported by a network of compliance centers of excellence – provide you access to professionals and resources when and where you need them.

Standardized processes and advanced technology

  • Broad-based knowledge of tax systems which allows for closer alignment between processes, data, and technology, to establish an integrated end-to-end tax compliance and reporting solution.
  • Focus on continuous process improvement, through analyzing tax systems and work paper enhancements throughout the engagement.
  • Ability to analyze your data to help you quickly identify potential issues and opportunities, using data visualization to deliver meaningful insights.

Engagement management

  • A demonstrated governance model to help you manage tax compliance risk, stay on top of a changing tax regulatory environment, and facilitate sharing of leading practices.
  • Access to a management tracking system that allows you to view real-time status reports, access your compliance data, and share knowledge requirements.

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Jonas Reinholdt Albjerg

Jonas Reinholdt Albjerg


Jonas is Partner in Tax & Legal and National Leader of Tax Management Consulting Denmark. He has more than 12 years of experience working with multinational clients from being an auditor, advisor and ... Mere

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