Abstract transform with cloud. Drive your future.


Deloitte and Google Cloud

Transform with cloud. Drive your future.

The cloud journey ahead is dynamic, fast moving, and full of competitive advantages. Capitalize on it. At Deloitte, we help you explore new possibilities, navigate obstacles and opportunities, align your virtual goals with real results, and provide industry-specific solutions and experiences to unlock value every step of the way. As a premier partner of Google Cloud and 2017 Global Services Partner of the Year, we help you get to the cloud fast—and at scale. That means extended presence at the drop of a dime, agile capacity that can anticipate and react to business change quickly, and a new competitive landscape waiting to be discovered.

Amplify the value of the cloud with Deloitte and Google Cloud

​Deloitte helps amplify the value that you can achieve with Google Cloud, enabling your cloud transformation across:

  • Application Services (PaaS, IaaS): As our clients increasingly leverage cloud native services to modernize their existing application portfolios and build new and innovative products and services for their customers, they turn to us to help drive increased value through Google Cloud. Our deep functional knowledge of client businesses and products, combined with our experience with the range of Google Cloud services, helps clients reduce technology operating costs, accelerate innovation, and increase business agility and security. Our migration and managed service offerings make it possible to accelerate your path to cloud, potentially lowering costs and allowing you to transform at your own pace as you increase the skills of your teams.

    Deloitte has received Google Cloud’s Cloud Migration specialization, demonstrating success in building foundational architectures and migrating customer workloads to GCP. 
  • Analytics: As a recognized global leader in business analytics and business strategy, we are able to help you harness the power of Google Cloud’s array of big data processing and analytics tools— including Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Dataflow, and Google Cloud Dataproc—enabling data-driven insights to empower your business, at speeds and volumes that were previously unimaginable.
  • Machine Learning: Our strong practices in analytics, IoT, and cognitive computing combined with Google Cloud AI’s managed, scalable machine learning engine provides you with advanced automation and machine learning capabilities.

    Deloitte has received Google Cloud’s Machine Learning Specialization and is now a Preferred Partner with Google’s Advanced Solutions Lab (ASL) and a partner with Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI Solution.
  • SAP on Google Cloud: Through our strong alliance with SAP, we have the people, knowledge, and experience to help you capture the transformative potential of SAP running on Google’s fast, reliable, global platform. Our integrated SAP offering can help you leverage the power of SAP S/4 HANA and Deloitte’s preconfigured solutions to devise a comprehensive cloud strategy.
  • Security: Google Cloud’s infrastructure is designed, built, and operated with rigorous attention to security. Deloitte has spent decades helping clients protect their businesses from security threats. Together, we can help you move securely to the cloud.

Addressing key business imperatives

​Google Cloud combines a global, hyperscale footprint with a constantly expanding suite of core cloud assets. But in order to seize the transformative potential in those tools, you need a relentless focus on your strategic goals, industry context, and operational realities, all with an experienced eye. Deloitte's Google Cloud practice helps you address key business imperatives:

  • Growth and innovation
  • Risk and cost
  • Operation and stability

Blub innovation

Get to the future faster

With robust capabilities in cloud automation and application modernization, backed by our unparalleled industry and business innovation experience, Deloitte can guide you through this foundational transformation and unlock your organization’s full potential.

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