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New Ways of Working: Agile Pilot-Project in Sydbank

Successful pilot-project with a non-IT team makes Sydbank scale their agile ambitions across Operations.

Sydbank have tested agile ways of working in an Operations team that does not develop IT. The test was a success and Sydbank is therefore now spreading the new ways of working to other teams. This can inspire leaders to perform similar experiments.

Leaders everywhere are looking to improve or even transform the way they work.

Sydbank wished to increase productivity and teamwork in the Operations department, and together with Deloitte they launched a pilot-project where they tested how agile ways of working could benefit them.

Sydbank are thereby in a forefront of leaders that are finding success by adopting agile methods and tools. Previously, it has been teams working with IT development that have adopted agile ways of working but the huge popularity are inspiring leaders outside the IT department.

Read their story in the Case Study and consider experimenting with agile methods and tools in your team as well.

Reach out to get more ideas on how agile ways of working can benefit you, your colleagues and your customers.

Read the case from Sydbank

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