Deloitte partners with Serviceware to deliver ITFM Solutions


Deloitte has partnered with Serviceware to deliver superior IT cost transparency solutions to clients through the application of IT Financial Management software and processes (ITFM)
While digitalization is viewed by many as a source of competitive advantage it is also a significant cost driver for most modern companies. As digital ambitions increase so does IT’s share of total enterprise expenditure. This prospect calls for the capability to understand and explain how IT cost is spent and what business processes drive them. Transforming the understanding of IT cost from basic cost accounting to business process, product and service views can be achieved with the application of ITFM tools and practices. Adopting ITFM unlocks 4 key benefits that work together to reduce IT cost:


Applying ITFM processes and practices using Serviceware Financial allows organizations to move from a black box view of IT cost to knowing exactly which business processes drive spend. As organizations increase their degree of digitalization, unmanaged IT cost add increasing risk to profitability.  
Serviceware Financial Customer Example


Using a purpose specific ITFM tool such as Serviceware, organizations achieve a level of flexibility which is not achievable with ERP-based solutions. Agility is crucial to ensure that IT Financial Management can keep up with the rapid change that most digitally enabled organizations experience.  
Serviceware has been recognized as an industry leader in the field of ITFM by independent research firm RIA (link). Leading companies who have successfully adopted Serviceware ITFM include BASF, Commerzbank and SAAB  

“I expect the partnership to build a unique value proposition in the market – combining the leading ITFM tool with the leading practioning consultancy. We believe that clients will be able to harvest great benefit from the transparency this creates in their in their organizations“ 

Peter Grydgaard, Deloitte Technology Strategy & Transformation Partner 

Learn more about how Deloitte and Serviceware can help your business improve profitability by improving decision-making and reducing IT cost by visiting Managing the business of IT with Technology Business Management | Deloitte or Unlock the full potential of your IT finance management ( 

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