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Technology, resources and know-how for a high-performance, efficient and sustainable data privacy organization in your company.

Data is the fuel for customer relationships, innovation, and the digital future.

Today, data is created at every touchpoint between companies and people. Data helps companies give people what they want when they want it. To be there for them in a personal, friendly, and approachable way. In short: data is the fuel of today's customer relationships.

Innovation also needs data more than ever. Without data, the technologies of the future, such as artificial intelligence, cannot be developed further. At the same time, the legal framework for the use of collected data is becoming increasingly complicated. In society, too, there is growing sensitivity regarding the responsible use of personal data by companies, and not just because of various data privacy scandals.

How quickly the transformation into a digital future succeeds therefore depends crucially on the successful and legally secure use of data.

Responsibility grows with the data. And the opportunity for sustainable growth.

The pressure is growing. First and foremost, the EU has created a strict legal regime for handling personal data with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). And although the regulations have been in force since May 2018, only 20% of all companies have fully implemented the GDPR so far.

Although the regulations have been in force since May 2018, only 20% of all companies have fully implemented the GDPR so far.

That is negligent: Because 84% of consumers care about how companies handle their personal data. Almost as many (80%) are prepared to act if they do not agree with how their data is handled. This has consequences for companies - both good and bad.

Companies that handle their customers' and employees' data responsibly and earn people's trust grow more strongly. 30% in the next few years, as a new study shows. Most companies are not yet taking advantage of this growth opportunity. Rather, they risk high fines and reputational damage.

Data privacy is still piecemeal. And that costs companies billions.

So far, most companies approach the topic of data privacy on a case-by-case basis, regardless of whether the tasks are recurring. The work lies with a few, often only reacting and, due to work overload, rarely being able to make a sustainable contribution to shaping data privacy requirements. This has consequences:

  • Loss of control: If tasks are unstructured, decentralized and handled by individuals, there is no way to monitor and control compliance with data privacy in the company. Compliance with data privacy thus often remains a matter of trust.
  • Loss of efficiency: Tasks are processed individually, often reinventing the wheel. Knowledge and information from previous tasks remain unused. Conventional office programs such as Excel and Word are used, which are not designed for managing a complex data privacy organization.
  • Loss of quality: A lack of standards, processes and an ever-increasing number of cases leads to a loss of quality. Tasks are left undone for a long time or are only incompletely processed because qualified resources are missing and the cooperation with the knowledge carriers in the company does not work.
  • No compliance: This is how the goal of robust and sustainable data privacy compliance is rarely achieved.

This manual work costs money. One study estimates the initial costs of the GDPR for the 500 largest companies in the world alone at $7.8 billion.

The digital PrivacyManager by Deloitte

It is time for sustainable solutions to emerge when it comes to data privacy. A functioning and future-proof data privacy organization requires the right resources, skills and - almost imperative: the smart use of technology.

Digital PrivacyManager by Deloitte offers just that. Using our trained privacy experts, proven standards and processes, digitized workflows and a modern privacy platform, we free your internal resources from the privacy workload, enable seamless collaboration with all relevant knowledge holders, ensure task completion and tracking, and provide legally compliant documentation. Monitored using an innovative dashboard based on real-time data - scalable to your needs.

This is what the digital PrivacyManager by Deloitte can do:

  • Trained privacy professionals from Deloitte take over the completion of repetitive tasks. Depending on the workload, resources can be adjusted on demand. The speed of task completion increases.
  • Proven standards, processes and templates ensure high efficiency and quality.
  • Cooperation in the performance of tasks is carried out via a data privacy platform specially designed for this purpose.
  • Smart technology ensures that knowledge in the company is made visible and used for task completion and beyond. Interactive workflows and automatic decision support facilitate the work.
  • Tasks and resulting follow-up tasks are automatically recorded, their completion tracked and documented.
  • Risks are identified with the aid of technology and can thus be eliminated in a targeted manner.
  • An innovative asset management system ensures modern document management.
  • A comprehensive dashboard with real-time data provides full transparency and control. Privacy compliance can thus be checked and proven at any time.

Our privacy experts are trained to identify business opportunities and innovation potential, to name them and to support the start. Deloitte specialists can be involved at any time, for example in the event of cyber-attacks, tax, or complex legal issues. We are also at your side when it comes to innovation topics such as artificial intelligence, data governance & analytics or ethical issues when dealing with data. You can find out more about this in our PrivacyManager Service Gallery.


Published: June 2022

Strong alliance: Our technology partnership

Our technology partner Priv specializes in the development of innovative collaboration solutions and privacy-friendly technology design. With Priv, we rely on an intelligent platform for collaboration, task, document, and data management that ensures high user acceptance today and in the future with a strong focus on usability.

In short: With PrivacyManager by Deloitte, acceptance of data privacy in the company grows, resources are used sensibly and efficiently, quality increases and a sustainable and robust data privacy organization is established. Liability risks and loss of reputation are avoided. And opportunities are created.

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