I am bowled over by the energy our people have when they work on truly impactful projects that matter to them and their clients. This is the secret sauce of our success.

- Jukka-Petteri Suortti, Head of Consulting 

For us, FY22 was the year we were able to turn our dreams of making a bigger societal impact into reality. Credit for this goes to our dedicated team of nearly 200 professionals. The result is the fifth straight year of market-beating growth – an achievement worthy of acknowledgement.  

Building a more sustainable future 

To give a few concrete examples of how we are doing this, we were honoured to be involved in making Finland better and safer through having a key role in the F-35 fighter jet procurement and in setting up new social and healthcare areas. We happily joined forces with many companies in building a more sustainable future. We helped in transforming how forests, our main natural asset, are managed, both in terms of the environment and commerce. Finally, a multinational flagship industrial company counted on us being their trusted partner in the global transformation of their supply chain.  

Our aspiration has always been to be the undisputed leader in professional services. As to our purpose statement – ‘making an impact that matters’ – last year we truly made good on our promise. 

If you want to go far, go together 

Our team has grown to a record size – almost 50 new members joined our family last year. A strong sense of belonging is the backbone of our consulting culture. Hybrid ways of working have meant more flexibility, but also remoteness. Thus, we are paying attention to how we build connections and create the unique Deloitte experience for our continuously expanding team.  

We continue to invest in our people’s career development and well-being. Everyday encounters matter the most, yet at times it is important to go ‘all in’ and celebrate. Last year new memories were made both on a Consulting department activity trip to the sports institute Vierumäki and in many team events. 

This fiscal year will see us connecting with our international colleagues even more than before. Our global capabilities and scale are key instruments that allow us to make the impact that matters. They form the catalyst that propels and accelerates the growth in our strategic priorities related to SAP, Salesforce, cloud, sustainability and M&A. Powered by constantly strengthening integration within the Nordics and Deloitte North South Europe, we will elevate our societal impact and continue growing responsibly. 

Undisputed leadership in business transformation 

As to the future, the market looks almost paradoxical. Macro-level uncertainties are on the horizon, yet we continue to feel strong demand. Issues such as energy, inflation, the war in Ukraine, climate, national debt and other issues cast many shadows. Yet we want to see these challenges as opportunities for transformation – be it reimagining supply chains and decoupling country risk dependencies or driving digital channel conversion and securing public service delivery. By focusing on impact and solving our clients’ most important problems, we see ourselves as strongly positioned. We are accelerating into our next chapter with great confidence. Not only do we have the capacity to get through challenges together, but we will also position ourselves as the number one business transformation partner across our chosen priority industries.