Making every child and youth believe in the future

We reach our WorldClass ambition by supporting the Children and Youth Foundation in their work towards ensuring a better future for every child and youth in Finland. The foundation reaches 50 000 children and youth in Finland every year. They offer knowledge, skills and opportunities to ensure every child and youth has faith in the future and can build on it. We at Deloitte offer our time, expertise and connections to strengthen the impact of the foundation’s work, helping children and youth reach their full potential.

The Futures School – of the Children and Youth Foundation– is one of the main social impact initiatives in Finland. The Futures School is a globally awarded forerunner in futures education. It teaches futures literacy to children of various ages and offers the knowledge and skills required to master a fast-changing and insecure future. The Futures School also offers teachers the tools needed for integrating the future into their everyday work and teaching methods. The Futures School is now taking the concept online, which will enable scaling the concept to reach every child and youth in Finland. Deloitte and our talent are involved in all this to make sure that the Futures School can support more futures in an efficient way in the coming years. 

Quotes from youth how they experience the future

"The future is scary, but luckily you can shape it yourself and things can already start getting better now."

– Person, born in 2003, Satakunta

"For my part, the future looks hopeful, but on a global scale, the future looks very uncertain. I’m not worried about my own well-being."

– Person, born in 1994, Uusimaa

"At the moment, the future looks exciting, but the world situation is frightening. However, my own future looks brighter."

– Person, born in 2004, North Karelia

Why the focus on young people’s faith in the future? 

Young people’s faith in the future is important on both a personal level and a societal level, and its importance is further emphasised as the world becomes more complex and uncertain. Firstly, faith in the future is one of the most central factors explaining the well-being of young people. How the younger generation sees the future affects how they feel and vice versa. Belief in the future significantly affects the choices that young people make every day. Further, the way that young people see the future also has an impact on the kind of society they build – or fail to build. The importance of young people’s faith in the future can be understood by considering two questions: What happens if young people lose confidence in the future and stop investing in their future? What awaits a society in which young people have lost faith in the future? In Deloitte we believe that it is possible to be better, and that is why we focus on building a better future also for the younger generations.