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We are seeking the best of the best to make an impact that matters

With cyber expanded from IT to the entire organisation, many people now engage with it differently. Whether responsible for employee data, stored customer data in digital products and services, artificial intelligence in the production line or protecting intellectual properties within research. Cyber must work in many distinct ways to ensure that safety and trust remain paramount. Would you like to give your input towards a safer future?

We are looking for new talent to support us in providing a more cyber-proof future for our clients!

Deloitte Cyber connects cyber everywhere with a human approach that makes it work for everyone. Our focus on personal relationships, the breadth and depth of our experience – in regulation, deep technology, product innovation and more – and our culture of collaboration enable us to partner with many stakeholders across organisations, bringing them together for increased interoperability, opportunity and impact.


Cyber goes beyond borders,  as does our expertise

Our team is built from team members with different backgrounds and know-how, and we collaborate closely with each other and with our clients. We empower diverse teams in collective innovation, and in secure and sustainable growth in order to move our client’s entire business further forward with cyber-created consistency and confidence.

Cyber goes beyond borders, and so do we. If needed, we will gather our project team from different countries to make sure that we have the best of the best in each project. In this way, our offering is the widest you’ll find – we have some medals to support this claim if needed!  

This is why we are interested in you too – whether you’re an experienced cyber veteran, a lost white hat hacker or a cyber expert seeking new opportunities in diverse projects and teams!


Join our Cyber team!

Send us an open job application and let us know your background and what knowhow you would bring into our team! You can apply via our webpage.



The big picture: What do we do and what do our clients expect from us? 

What does your Cyber colleagues-to-be appreciate the most at Deloitte Cyber?

I appreciate my fun colleagues and the support I get from them. I also appreciate the ability to develop my path towards different kind of possibilities and expertise areas.

The quality of the work delivered is important to our team. We have a strong urge to develop our work, practices and business. 

I appreciate the ability to test different things in different kind of projects, both with clients and also in business development. 

We have interesting, globally operating clients and also projects with colleagues from other Deloitte countries.

What is our purpose? Why do we do this Karthi?

We continue to live and operate in a world where misinformation, data breaches, cyber espionage, a lack of digital trust, political misuse of data and a general lack of a moral compass dominate the headlines. Our purpose is to be the preferred cyber partner to selected clients, giving them the confidence to grow securely, sustainably and responsibly in an ever-changing digital economy.

Karthi Pillay - Partner, Cyber Risk Lead

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