Service Offering

Our Restructuring Services community provides a comprehensive suite of services to help companies and their key stakeholders drive value creation across the entire spectrum of corporate performance through strategic, operational and financial restructuring, and performance turnaround programs. Our service portfolio comprises the following five themes.

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Portfolio Strategy & Optimization – We help businesses form a fact-based view of performance and determine restructuring strategies for business portfolios and individual businesses. Moreover, we provide tailored strategic analyses e.g. to support financial restructuring. Our services include e.g.

  • Company Business Review (CBR) & strategic options
  • Business portfolio restructuring
  • Business restructuring and corporate simplification
  • Tailored strategic analyses e.g. scenario modeling
  • Divestiture, carve-out and managed exit

Turnaround & Crisis Management – We help businesses that are unable to meet their financial targets identify and capture opportunities with direct impacts e.g. costs, EBITDA, cash flow and productivity. Moreover, we help plan and manage turnaround programs. Our services include e.g.

  • Operational analysis & opportunity prioritization
  • Turnaround strategy and transformation planning
  • Operational restructuring and performance improvement
  • Cost take-out and working capital improvement
  • Crisis management & CRO services

Distressed M&A Advisory – We support distressed businesses form an independent view of asset quality, identify M&A options, and undertake accelerated M&A along with advising holders, buyers and sellers of debt on loan portfolio transactions and deleveraging. Our services include e.g.

  • Asset Quality Reviews (AQR)
  • Accelerated M&A advisory
  • Deleveraging advisory
  • Portfolio lead advisory
  • Valuation (special situations)

Financial Restructuring & Analysis – We help our customers form a fact-based view of financial performance, analyse financing options and undertake financial restructuring. Moreover, we provide support with complex financial analyses and modelling. Our services include e.g.

  • Independent Business Review (IBR)
  • Capital structure options and modelling
  • Negotiation and implementation support
  • Distressed debt and covenant advisory
  • Tailored financial analyses e.g. 13 week cash flow forecasting

Insolvency & Liquidation – We support distressed/crisis companies and restructuring administrators with formal enforcement procedures by providing strategic/financial analyses and continency plans under consensual or enforcement scenarios. Our services include e.g.

  • Consensual / non-concensual restructuring plans
  • Contingency plans
  • Tailored strategic and operational analyses
  • Tailored financial analyses e.g. bankcruptcy modelling
  • Special audit of accounts

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