Organization Transformation & Talent

Digital and emerging technologies, changing market conditions, and regulatory pressures are common external forces that drive business transformation. Internally, new leadership and growth or consolidation strategies (including mergers and acquisitions) often spark transformation. No matter what the driver, the same challenges typically apply: how to align your organization design, talent, leadership and culture with your business strategy make the transformation vision a reality, and then sustain it over time. Deloitte OT&T practitioners combine deep transformation experience with practical business acumen. Our organization and people solutions incorporate an array of innovative tools and resources, powered by analytics, to enable sustainable change.

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Onko perinteisten hierarkkisten organisaatioiden aika ohi?

Tiimipohjaisessa organisaatiossa jokainen projekti organisoidaan parhailla osaajilla kyseiseen tarpeeseen. Käytännössä kollegat ympärillä vaihtuvat koko ajan. Perinteisten vuodesta toiseen samana pysyvien työporukoiden aika on ohi, mikä saattaa aiheuttaa irrallisuudentunnetta. Sopivan kuuluvuuden tunteen aikaansaaminen onkin asia, jota kannattaa miettiä tiimipohjaista organisaatiota suunniteltaessa.

The symphonic C-suite: Teams leading teams

Senior leaders can’t afford to work in silos in today’s complex, dynamic environment. The goal is to act as a symphony of experts playing in harmony—instead of a cacophony of experts who sound great alone, but not together.

Develop leaders

The workforce ecosystem: Managing beyond the enterprise

The composition of the workforce is changing dramatically. As alternative work arrangements become more common, how can organizations appeal to, engage with, and drive value through workers of all different types?

Organization Acceleration: The new science of moving organizations forward

From careers to experiences: New pathways

​Rather than an orderly, sequential progression from job to job, 21st-century careers can be viewed as a series of developmental experiences, each offering the opportunity to acquire new skills, perspectives, and judgment.

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Kirsi Kemi

Kirsi Kemi

Organisation Transformation Leader

Kirsi Kemi vastaa Deloitten Human Capital-alueen organisaatiomuutospalveluista Suomessa. Hänellä on yli 15 vuoden kokemus organisaatiotransformaatioista. Kirsin ydinosaamista ovat monimutkaiset organi... Lisää

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