Cyber, cyber everywhere

Is your cyber strategy everywhere too?

Organizations are embedding connected digital technologies in their information technologies, operational technologies, and end products, making cyber a top organizational priority. Innovating fast is now contingent on a well-orchestrated cyber program.

Cyber vulnerabilities are seemingly everywhere. While many organizations recognize these vulnerabilities as a top concern, there is a missed opportunity for cyber to become a core enabler of digital transformation – while creating a safe environment for innovation.

In this article, we present the critical importance of having a cyber strategy that is positioned to drive business growth. Topics discussed include:

  • Cyber implications beyond just IT. This includes C-suite executives in charge of supply chain, innovation, operations, marketing, and procurement and facilities.
  • Addressing the standardization challenge. Cyber environments should include IT, operational technology, and customer-facing products and services.
  • Establishing a coordinated governance model by raising the board’s awareness and creating an integrated governance model that aligns to key strategies.
  • Cultivating communities of learning by expanding cyber learning partners both within and outside the enterprise.
  • Taking a cyber inventory by documenting critical assets and identifying “crown jewels” that give a competitive advantage.

Visit the full article to learn more about how to reap the benefits of digitally-enabled technologies by adopting a “cyber everywhere” strategy.

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