Deloitte Cyber welcomes Antti Pirinen to the team

Antti Pirinen has started as Director in Deloitte Finland's Cyber Team

Antti Pirinen has started as Director in Deloitte Finland’s Cyber Team as of May 16. Antti has over 20 years of experience in cybersecurity.


At Deloitte, Antti compliments our Detect and Respond team with his 20 years of experience and together with our global team will focus on Cyber Incident Response Services. Prior to joining Deloitte, Antti worked at IBM as Global Lead for proactive Cyber Security Incident Response preparation services.

Deloitte Cyber’s purpose is to partner with the clients and society supporting them to achieve their goals in a sustainable, secure, and responsible manner. We urge organizations to take a closer look at their position, operational capabilities, and their own risk-taking capabilities. “Many organizations often imagine themselves to be an uninteresting target for a cyber attacker. In reality, the attacker determines the level of interest. We want to take the handling of security incidents from a reactive world closer to proactivity — meaning, organizations are better able to anticipate situations. Deloitte already has a lot of good capabilities around these themes and has proactively served a multitude of clients around the globe,” says Antti.

“I am excited to welcome Antti on board. His strong background in this area is very valuable to us. We are already a trusted global player in cyber and detect & respond, but we must continue to grow and stay sharp in order to protect our clients, and Antti will help us continue to serve our purpose," says Karthi Pillay, Partner and Leader of Deloitte Finland's Cyber Risk Services.

“With over 10 000 dedicated cyber professionals and already a leader in the market, Deloitte has a good foundation to continue to push the boundaries of security incident response services in the direction that clients need. In addition, Deloitte wants to invest in service development. This further enables the goals we want to achieve,” Antti sums up.

In his free time, Antti spends time with family, children's hobbies, and renovating their town house. In addition to these, Antti enjoys swimming and researching various information security technologies.

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