Cyber Strategy

Cyber everywhere. Succeed Anywhere.

The ability to innovate, to use new technologies, and to grow securely requires an end-to-end cyber risk strategy driven by an organization’s executive leadership. Deloitte's Cyber Strategy services balance the requirements to be secure, vigilant, and resilient with strategic objectives and the risk appetite of the organization. We help develop an actionable roadmap and governance model to support security priorities in an era where cyber is everywhere.

We offer:

  • Cyber strategy, transformation, and assessments – We work with clients to determine their risk tolerance, and to identify their key business risks and cyber-threat exposures.
  • Cyber risk management and compliance – We enable executives to recognize, analyze, and address third-party and regulatory compliance risks created by the development of new, complex, distributed networks in order to avoid potential threats to business-critical data and systems.
  • Cyber training education and awareness – We assist organizations to develop and implement a well-defined cyber risk culture, and educate employees about threat awareness to help accelerate behavioral change.

New perspectives on how cyber risk can power performance

Business leaders understand that success in today’s interconnected marketplace doesn’t come without risk. This collection of five articles examines how organizations are driving innovation and performance growth by understanding and, ultimately, embracing cyber risk.

Assessing cyber risk: Critical questions for the board and the C-suite

Increased use of technology and an increasingly connected global market are key drivers of cyber risk. But, when managed correctly, they can also be powerful tools that drive an organization forward.

Embracing risk–and using it to gain competitive advantage–starts in the C-suite where executives need to examine their organization’s cyber strategy and capabilities in order to address key questions around its cyber risk program. This article provides a guide and self-assessment tool to help organizations determine the maturity of their cyber risk programs, and identify areas for improvement.

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Karthi Pillay

Karthi Pillay

Partner - Cyber Risk Leader

Karthi is a Partner in the Risk Advisory Practice in Finland, where he leads the Cyber Security services. Karthi's background is in engineering, and he has been at Deloitte for 19 years, serving clien... Lisää