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ESG Tech

Deloitte supports clients catalyzing the potential of technology in achieving organizational and ecosystem sustainability targets. With the use of innovative & emerging technologies, core data and technology platforms and enabling capabilities, organizations transition to clean, renewable energy and manage risks related to climate and social change. We help our clients throughout the sustainable IT/Tech journey from strategy to implementation.

  • Sustainable IT maturity, strategy & operating model –enables organizations to understand their technology estates sustainable footprint and capability maturity as well as embed sustainability at core of IT/Technology strategy and operating model.

  • Sustainable business capability analysis – scans the Enterprise Architecture with sustainability and ESG lens and supports prioritization of development initiatives.

  • ESG Data Architectures / Tech Architecture – enables clients to structure their ESG Data and Technology estate, identify possible current gaps, prioritize and find best fit solutions to complement their enterprise application and data portfolio.

SAP Sustainability

Deloitte can support your sustainability-led journey with SAP solutions—from understanding environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks to business strategy and transformation to management, compliance, and reporting.

Deloitte has an extensive and growing collection of offerings based on SAP technologies—all focused on helping organizations operate more sustainably. Put them all together, and it’s a solid suite that can help leaders respond to strategic priorities across the enterprise.

Our current and future solutions include:

  • D-CARB on SAP IBP leverages SAP Integrated Business Planning and greenhouse gas emissions data to add the “carbon dimension” to planning and the supply chain—integrating indirect and direct product CO2e emissions, such as those from purchased materials as well as energy, production activities, and transportation

  • SDG Impact Management integrates data from multiple SAP and non-SAP solutions, including financial data, to provide a robust engine for understanding where you stand on your sustainable development goals (SDGs) and what specific changes could mean for your business—all delivered via an intuitive cloud-accessible dashboard

  • Sustainability Analytics Platform acquires and harmonizes ecological information along the value chain to enable standardized sustainability reporting, benchmarking, simulations, predictions, and optimizations

  • Carbon Analytics uses machine learning and cloud for simulation and optimization—helping to report and predict CO2-relevant KPIs, as well as guide related business considerations

  • Intelligent Infrastructure Control Centre (IICC) – Carbon Dashboard synthesizes operational data from national infrastructure projects onto a common digital platform—to support operations management, inform key processes, and reduce risks through predictive analytics

From business case development to technology implementation to operations, Deloitte brings a complete set of solutions, services, and professionals for end-to-end business transformation.


Anne-Maria Flanagan

Anne-Maria Flanagan

Partner, Climate & Sustainability

Anne-Maria vastaa Deloitte Suomen vastuullisuusliiketoiminnasta. Hänellä on yli kahdenkymmenen vuoden kokemus vastuullisuuskysymyksistä. Hän on toiminut vastuullisuuden ja HSEQ:n asiantuntija- ja joht... Lisää

Iida Pulliainen

Iida Pulliainen

Business Development Manager, Climate & Sustainability

Iida Pulliainen työskentelee Deloitte Suomen vastuullisuusliiketoiminnan parissa. Hänellä on kokemusta vastuullisesta rahoituksesta ja taloudellisesta inklusiivisuudesta. Hän on toiminut asiantuntijat... Lisää


Tuomas Pyykönen

Tuomas Pyykönen


Tuomas toimii johtajana teknologiakonsultoinnissa. Hän vetää Deloitten Teknologia- ja IT-toimintamallien palveluita Suomessa. Tuomas on ’full-stack’ teknologiatoimintamallien kehittäjä - hänen erikois... Lisää

Kimmo Pekkola

Kimmo Pekkola

Partner, Technology Strategy & Transformations

Kimmo Pekkola vastaa Deloitte Suomen konsultoinnissa teknologiastrategiat ja transformaatiot-palvelualueesta. Hän auttaa liiketoiminta- ja teknologiajohtajia suunnittelemaan ja toteuttamaan tulevaisuu... Lisää