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With the adoption of the Shareholder Rights Directive (SRD II) listed companies will be required to submit a remuneration report for the 2020 financial year to an advisory vote at the Annual General Meeting in 2021.

25 November 2020

Companies will either need to comprehensively update their remuneration reporting to meet the new legislative requirements within the remuneration report or align their existing remuneration reports with the new requirements.

Both the local legal requirements and guidance from the European Commission can be complex and especially in the first year the reporting in accordance with the Directive may require substantial changes in disclosure from previous annual remuneration reports and reporting published on the company website.

To assist companies navigating the first year of remuneration reporting under SRD II, Deloitte has developed a tool to work through the requirements and generate a first draft of your report. The tool allows companies to make significant progress with drafting a remuneration report and ensures that it can be done quickly, easily and cost-efficiently. The tool can also be used to identify any gaps between current levels of intended disclosure and future remuneration reporting requirements.

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CONTAINS an automated, pre-populated template customised to the EU
Directive itself and the legislative requirements as implemented in each EU
Member State;

ALLOWS you to select between a minimum required level of disclosure or to include additional ‘best practice’ disclosures.

PROVIDES support from Deloitte's remuneration reporting experts. Our team would be on hand to discuss the draft with you, recommend any changes and provide guidance around best practices.

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