Customer Service Excellence Survey 2023


Customer Service Excellence Survey 2023 

What is the role of Customer Service in an evolving market? 

​​Take part in our European Customer Service Excellence Survey 2023 and provide your insights on Customer Service.

​Why should you participate in the study?

​You get…

  • ​…an opportunity to share your perspective on the expectations towards the tasks set for the Customer Service;
  • ​…to actively contribute to shape and set industry trends;
  • ​… an industry and market benchmark in the context of areas of responsibility, places in the organization, goal setting, technology, and innovation.

​In previous report (check it out here) we presented data for 3 regions: the Nordics, Central Europe, and Western Europe gathered via survey from Customer Service leaders.

​​We looked at Customer Service from various perspectives: Customer, Employee, Manager, and Board to catch the needs and trends but also the challenges faced by Customer Service Departments.

​​One of the key findings from previous edition was rise of self-service and personalization trends in the customer service – 60% of surveyed companies respondents considered that their firms should invest in self-service.

​What will we find out in this edition?

​In this year's edition, we have extended the survey to include questions on the use of Artificial Intelligence in the operations of Customer Departments and the cost-effectiveness of carried out investments.​

​Take part in 10-minutes survey - the research is anonymous, and its results will be presented in aggregate form.​


Here you can access the previous report:
Customer Service Excellence Survey 2022

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