Deloitte acquires Syncronic and upgrades its supply chain practice

18.5.2021 – With the acquisition of Syncronic, Deloitte strengthens its consulting business and takes a decisive step towards becoming the leading supply chain consulting firm in the Nordics.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for digital transformation among companies. In particular, the demand for leading supply chain solutions has grown significantly following the pressure on global supply chains over the past year. As a result of these market trends, Deloitte has acquired Syncronic, a leading consulting firm specialising in supply chain solutions.

“With the acquisition of Syncronic, we are confirming our ambitions to be the leading SAP and supply chain consulting firm in the Nordic region with regards to both advisory and implementation,” says Martin Søegaard, managing partner for Deloitte's Nordic consulting business.

Syncronic specialises in helping companies optimise their supply chains through digitalisation, advanced planning and the latest SAP solutions. The result is a more agile business and a faster and more secure way of moving goods from one place to another.

Martin Søegaard emphasises that the acquisition comes after a long dialogue and thorough preparation to ensure that the culture and competencies of the two companies fit together.

“For both parties, it is important that there is the right match, and that the Syncronic brand can continue its development in Deloitte's ecosystem. We expect Syncronic to grow and flourish in our shared garden,” he says.


Ambitious supply chain transformations

Lars Kissow, co-founder and CEO of Syncronic, sees a perfect match between Deloitte and Syncronic and emphasises that Deloitte and Syncronic collectively can help existing and new clients optimise their business, especially in the supply chain area.

"With Deloitte's talent pool, deep competencies and global network, we are equipped to support the most ambitious business transformations that are taking place right now as companies are building a modern and robust digital supply chain," Lars Kissow says and continues:

“A wealth of new opportunities open up as we move forward together. This is the beginning of a new exciting chapter, and I look forward to helping even more companies with digital supply chain transformation.”


Deloitte acquires Syncronic. The price will not be made public.

Syncronic is a leading consulting firm within supply chain and SAP solutions. Syncronic employs over 30 consultants and was founded in 2006. Syncronic has offices in both Denmark and Sweden and serves customers throughout the Nordic region.

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