Teknologiatrendit 2019


Insights on the top SAP® technology trends 2020

Innovating at the pace of disruption

Find out how the top tech trends are shaping big decisions across industries—and how you can leverage SAP solutions to respond to them.

The “built to last” paradigm for business is fading. The relentless pace of change across all industries and all geographies is forcing leaders to adopt a new vision: the “built to evolve” enterprise, a Kinetic Enterprise™ capable of responding at the speed of disruption—leveraging intelligent capabilities, cloud solutions, an inclusive ecosystem of apps, and a clean core.

It’s a vision of an evolving enterprise that’s well paced and placed for change. For leaders who want to enable the “built to evolve” Kinetic Enterprise, understanding what lies ahead is imperative. And for organizations that rely on SAP solutions, the stakes can be especially high. As disruption accelerates, making an impact with your SAP technology investments has become more critical than ever.

Explore key technology trends that are in play, and learn how SAP solutions fit in.

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