COVID-19: Greek tourism in the COVID-19 era

Held on May 21, 2020

The Tourism & Hospitality sector, globally and in Greece, is one of the most affected industries by the pandemic, while at the same time, it faces unprecedented challenges and uncertainties, as the world is trying to recover and adapt to the new reality posed by COVID-19.

Meanwhile, on May 13th, the European Commission announced its proposals for the gradual raise of the travel bans and gave directions for the restart of the tourism industry.

In our efforts to support sector’s business leaders to stabilize their organizations and prepare for a newly uncertain future, we co-organized with INSETE the webinar “Greek tourism in the COVID-19 era” and discussed extensively how trends and developments we experience during the pandemic could shape what the global and Greek Tourism & Hospitality sector might look in the short and long run. In detail the webinar focused on:

• Specific scenarios about how the landscape of the Greek Tourism & Hospitality might evolve in 2020 and 2021

• How will the most important elements of the tourism’s value chain work in the near future?

• How will the pandemic affect the citizens’ willingness to travel?

• From which markets can Greece attract tourists this year?