Performance Magazine - Issue 26


Performance Magazine - Issue 26

May 2018

In this edition of the Performance magazine, we look at the trends in automated advice, the future of investment management portals, and private equity across the African continent against the backdrop of political and macroeconomic change. The past year has seen significant changes in government across Southern Africa and a renewed commitment to fighting corruption and strengthening public services. This should result in more efficient value chains and a decrease in the cost of doing business.

The continent’s potential is largely driven by a growing population base, accelerated urbanization, recovering commodity prices, investment in social and infrastructure, and increased public investment. The impact of fluctuations in currency makes managing returns a little more onerous and therefore the return for international investors less predictable. Currencies have, however, shown an improvement and are expected to continue to stabilize.

The investment management industry is at varying stages of maturity across the continent, with asset management being the least mature and retirement funds representing a core part of the financial services industry. Private equity remains one of the strongest investment vehicles in the African continent. In the article Unlocking the potential of the “Africa Rising” narrative through private equity, we detail some of the themes underpinning the resilience and optimism in the private equity sector in Africa.

Performance Magazine – Issue 26
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