Artificial Intelligence in Business Services | How to Make the Most of It

In our recent webinar with ABSL, the transformative impact of AI on the Global Business Services (GBS) sector was explored by industry experts. The latest AI trends reshaping the industry were examined, and insights into how leading organizations have harnessed AI to drive efficiency and innovation were shared. Strategies for AI and automation, along with key pillars of success, were detailed. Streamlined operations and decision-making enhancements were highlighted, providing attendees with valuable insights into AI initiatives setting new benchmarks in the GBS landscape.

The initial steps and foundational elements crucial for success in AI implementation were discussed by the panel, and practical advice for business services centers looking to launch AI projects was provided. The importance of a clear strategy and robust IT infrastructure was emphasized, while common challenges, success factors, and potential risks associated with AI technologies were addressed. "No-Go" criteria to ensure AI implementations are effective and ethically sound were also covered, helping attendees stay ahead in the rapidly evolving world of AI-driven GBS.

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  • Judit Forgács, Member of the Board, ABSL
  • Eszter Lukács, GBS Advisory Director, Deloitte Hungary
  • Dr. Levente Berta, Global Automation Lead, Givaudan Business Solutions
  • Dr. Gergő Barta, Senior Manager, AI Lead, Deloitte Hungary
  • Gergely Vitarius, Country Leader – CIO, IBM
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