Strategy and Business Design

To navigate the future with confidence, organizations need to make and act upon the right choices: clear, timely and inspirational choices that deliver growth in a dynamic, disrupted world. Deloitte’s Strategy and Business Design practitioners combine deep industry insights with cutting edge methods to help leaders resolve their most critical decisions, drive value, and achieve transformational success.

Strategy consulting tailored to your business

We work with chief executives and their teams to catalyze enterprise wide, strategy-led transformation to realize full business value, leveraging deep perspectives about customers, technology evolution and disruption, sector-blurring ecosystems, and changing sources of competitive advantage.

We work alongside clients to create effective corporate and business unit strategies and secure alignment across the enterprise. When senior executives face conflicting mandates of developing long-term strategies while delivering short-term results, we work together to design and deliver integrated and accelerated growth programs in their enterprises. As a recognized leader in innovation strategy, we help companies seize new growth opportunities by building, and launching, new offerings and businesses.

We show senior executives how to take an enterprise approach to digital strategy so it becomes integral to their overarching business strategy. We also work closely with executives to identify, prioritize, and design business capabilities that enable transformation and realize value. Targeted pricing strategies and initiatives can drive substantial revenue and margin growth.

Leveraging a combination of scenario development, trends sensing tools and assets, and insight services, we help executives make sense of a noisy and confusing world to anticipate changes and inform new opportunities.

Driving value for Global Business Services (GBS)

We work closely with GBS executives to drive operating model alignment with their business strategy. We help drive desired strategic results: from initial strategy development and determining the value of shared services to the company, through the implementation and opening of a GBS, to operational transformation and automation of the shared services organization. GBS as a strategic business model transforms how a company with diverse business units operates globally. By connecting business units through their common core enabling functions, companies can streamline and improve how they conduct business – leading to consistent service delivery excellence leveraging effective and efficient practices.

Enabling economic development and urban transformation

We assist government & public sector clients, as well as international donor agencies and bi/multilateral institutions as a trusted advisor. We enable them in solving complex problems of national importance, leveraging technology for enhancing economic growth, creating jobs & livelihood opportunities, improving citizen service delivery, bettering ease of living and developing sustainable institutions for effective & efficient implementation.

Facilitating social impact

We advise a wide range of clients on strategic initiatives that are intended to drive social impact in focus communities – both driven by corporate objectives and regulatory requirements. We assist clients in building capacities of the board, management and human resource, implementing partners and communities in a participatory manner. Our advisory services guide clients to design, launch , monitor, assess and report large scale development programs. We mentor clients on employing expertise and methodological rigor to make strategic decisions, and also assist in providing a platform for collaboration between organizations with similar approaches.

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S. Anjani Kumar

S. Anjani Kumar

Partner, Consulting, Deloitte India

Anjani is the practice head of SA&MA: Strategy & Business Design. He has extensive experience of managing large and complex multi-year growth and transformation initiatives for clients across industri... More