Inside Magazine - Issue 15


Inside Magazine - Issue 15

COO, CHRO, CEO, CFO - June 2017

This issue of Inside Magazine, developed by Deloitte Luxembourg, aims to provide perspectives on hot trends, current challenges, and opportunities in the financial industry to support your decision-making process.

We are definitely facing a fast-changing world in which adapting your strategy quickly is key, not only to maintain the profits and margins but also to survive and stay competitive. The challenges are multiple and varied such as the customers changing behavior, the high level of competition, employee satisfaction, the complex and challenging regulations, and even major geopolitical changes.

Therefore, for this edition we have selected articles that reflect wide range of points of view on strategies and challenges that might inspire you for your short- and long-term positioning.

With a tumultuous economic situation, banks are under pressure from a highly competitive market and evolving customer needs. They have to consider their strategy and consequently review their operating model to improve metrics such as the return on equity, cost income ratio, and net promoter score (NPS). Investing in this NPS indicator for customer experience and being able to measure the created value is crucial to earn market shares and build strong competitive advantages.

The financial sector is subject to impacts of major events, such as upcoming regulations, which lead to higher cost pressure. Nevertheless, the latter can also be turned to your advantage by leveraging regulatory implementation for innovation, as suggested for global data protection (GDPR). Similarly, other events like Brexit could, if anticipated, generate business growth.

As we also care about our people and our planet, we aim at giving insights on the use of digital in favor of social impact, well-being, and the health of employees.

Inside Magazine-Issue 15

In this issue

Part 01 | In a changing world, new strategies are required…

Part 02 | … and different issues related to challenges and opportunities of an internet age remain relevant

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