Performance Magazine - issue 33

September 2020

As we write this, the news of Blackrock being granted permission to set up a 100 percent foreign-owned mutual fund management company in China has whipped up a media frenzy. After much anticipation, preparation and speculation, Blackrock is now the first organization to receive such a license from the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), representing the regulator’s most significant step taken to address the continued capital markets reformation and opening-up policy.

Due to its sheer size, no global investment managers can afford to ignore the Chinese market. Also, when global capital markets experienced turbulence due to COVID-19, the Chinese economy and stock markets showed resilience and a speedy recovery even after a government-enforced national shutdown. The mutual fund segment experienced unprecedented growth, and subscriptions for new funds are way over initial fund offerings. Due to cultural differences, the unique style of the regulators, and the nature of how the market is developing, many investment managers feel an urgent need to analyze the media reporting of the Chinese markets and identify the real opportunities.

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  • Whole of portfolio view
    A holistic approach for multi-asset management
  • Finding your way into the chinese IM markets
    Full of opportunities
  • Directly from the source
    Interviews with CEOs of leading chinese asset managers
  • Breakthrough for China’s listed REITs
    Realities and directions
  • Recent developments in the investment environment in Taïwan
    Accelerated return of capital from overseas
  • Value-at-Risk benchmarking during a crisis
    Implications of the COVID-19 turmoil
  • Banking services to PE/RE managers
    Conversation on cash management from a PE/RE perspective with Laurent Leclef, Head of Transaction Services Sales at ING Luxembourg.
  • Rethinking currency overlay
    How to respond to 2020’s new FX volatility regime
  • A tale of two pillars
    IFD/IFR introduces new capital requirements for investment firms
  • Sustainable capitalism
    Public and private combine to aid recovery
  • CMU 2.0
    What’s next after CMU and COVID-19?
  • Sustainability corner
    The rules of the game

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