Digital Transformation & Innovation in Japan

Digital Transformation & Innovation (DT&I)

The financial services industry in Japan is facing unprecedented changes. New regulatory requirements, changing customer expectations and new FinTech competitions require Japan financial companies to re-think their structure and business models.

Digital Transformation & Innovation Japan (DT&I)

As a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum, Deloitte is participating in discussions of “Beyond Fintech” – the future view of the world beyond digitization. With the rise of GAFA* and other digital native companies, individuals are surpassing corporations through IT consumerization. Digital Transformation & Innovation Japan to help financial institutions compete in the world of FinTech, InsurTech and digitalization.


DT&I Service capabilities
DT&I Service capabilities

Open Innovation

With the progress of digitalization, companies are assumed to form cross-vertical ecosystems and compete in the creation of new business models.
Deloitte has more than 263,900 professionals worldwide and provide support in all business sectors. We create innovation and provide consistent support, and offer end-to-end services, from supporting alliances between startups and different types of industries as incubator, to business activation.

Digital Transformation

As the revolution of digital technology has enabled everything to be connected to networks and evolved diverse services, customers expect more simple, convenient and customized financial services. This trend is expected to continue for some time to come in the future. What financial institutions are expected now is to ingrain ‘Digital’within themselves to be agile, cooperative and more customer-focused.
Deloitte has supported global financial institutions embed Digital DNA.


While many companies are considering of utilizing Blockchain to reduce the costs and improve the profits, Deloitte thinks that ‘it should take Blockchain as one of the technologies to build “the new infrastructure” across the industry or the society’. To take the advantage of Blockchain, it is necessary not only to consider of that individually but also to form the consortium and work closely with the regulatory agencies.
In the Blockchain space, Deloitte has been helping to formulate a national strategy. We have been working with Japanese government and industry groups to promote the Blockchain project in the private sector. One of major effort is forming a Blockchain research group, a collaboration with mega banks to implement social solutions utilizing the Blockchain.
We aim to create a consortium that works with insurance companies and medical institutions as well as banks. In addition to assistance with the consortium and its operations, we will support development of a "rule formation strategy" to meet the social infrastructure of the next generation.

Robotics and Cognitive Automation(R&CA)/AI

Digital technology, such as RCA which means ‘Robotics and Cognitive Automation’, AI and so on, attracts much attention as the key technology to realize the digital transformation.
Due to the rapid penetration of robotics and AI, companies are reconsidering the roles of employees, such as implementing a bionic-enabled workforce.
Deloitte supports RCA projects at major financial institutions to reduce operating costs and to improve work-life-balance


Digital Platform

If multiple companies produce a value chain through working together and complementing each other, it will become possible to make the rapid progress faster than ever.  At that moment, this kind of trend is accepted even by the financial institutions in Europe and the United States that have been trying to transform from the store types to the digital channel types in their business models. Like this, the conversion to multi-platform has been accelerated in financial institutions.
With the emerging economies of technology leading to a sharing economy, the platform will become the main distribution channel for financial products. Deloitte is the industry leader in building platforms for European and US financial institutions. Through the formation of eco-systems and cooperation with government agencies and companies, we will implement the same types of services at Japanese financial institutions.


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Holger Froemer

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