Strategic  Risk

Deloitte helps organizations make risk-informed strategic choices and respond to disruptions to grow their business and protect their reputation. C-suite and boards need the right insights, best-in-class corporate governance, and a risk culture aimed at driving value.

Our services


Corporate Governance  

Will respond to market expectations regarding compliance with the Corporate Governance Code and the supervisory responsibility of the Board of Directors, and provide support to achieve sustainable growth and enhance corporate value over the medium to long term.


Strategy, Brand & Reputation

Global Risk Advisory helps organizations to identify, monitor and provide insights on trends and disruptors that could impact competitive advantage, market position, and long-term performance as well as enhance and protect brand and reputation by sensing threats, seizing opportunities, shaping perceptions and measuring outcomes. We help corporate boards become more effective in their oversight role. We help organizations with services to manage risk effectively in order to achieve their organizational objectives, minimizing threats and maximizing opportunity by understanding, analyzing and addressing risk at an enterprise level.

Climate & Sustainability  

Global Risk Advisory helps organizations to support successful management of corporate responsibility and sustainable development issues that deliver top and bottom line growth for the long term as well as provide help with best practice sustainability strategy, risk assessment, reporting and assurance, particularly as it relates to supply chain, environment, health and safety, social impact, and resource management.



Extended Enterprise  

Global Risk Advisory helps organizations to evaluate and manage the risks associated with an organization’s extended enterprise – the ecosystem they operate in and which includes all types of third parties such as outsourcers, licensees, alliances, suppliers and other business partnerships – by maximizing the performance of the extended enterprise and achieving strategic business objectives, optimizing IT costs and limiting operational, financial, and legal risk related to the ownership and use of software, and through point-in-time solutions and ongoing managed service solutions.



Crisis & Resilience 

Global Risk Advisory helps organizations assess and monitor risks which may give rise to crises, prevent and avoid crises where possible; and put in place response plans in the event of a crisis. Provide a collaborative platform to market our services, increase touchpoints across our clients, with the overarching objective to help clients become more resilient to crises and the risks that may cause them.


Latest Strategic & Reputation Risk awards and recognition

Deloitte named a leader in Reputational Risk & Crisis Management Consulting by ALM Intelligence
Deloitte announced today that ALM Intelligence has named it as a global leader in Reputational Risk & Crisis Management Consulting.

Deloitte named the leader in crisis advisory in financial services by Kennedy
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) is pleased to announce that Kennedy has named Deloitte the leader in crisis advisory in financial services in the Event-Driven Consulting in Financial Services: Crisis Advisory in the New Regulatory Framework 2015 report.