Corporate Governance

Corporate governance, as well as the improvement of corporate competitiveness, is needed by the market as a function that will lead to long-term corporate value increase by responding comprehensively to improper misconduct.

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Center for Corporate Governance

The Global Center collaborates with Deloitte member firms to promote dialogue and activity on the critical topic of corporate governance and its impact on corporations and their boards, investors, and others. 

Toward Cross-Border Management

Corporate Governance means a governing system established at a company so as to achieve its accountability to its shareholders and other stakeholders by securing the transparency of business activities of the company or its entire group. A corporate group whose scope of business is expanded to abroad is required to fulfill its accountability by governing all of its overseas subsidiaries.   

Deloitte Tohmatsu Group (Deloitte Japan) offers corporate clients its knowledge on corporate governance from a global perspective.

Governance Related Services Required from Overseas Subsidiaries

Deloitte Tohmatsu Group (Deloitte Japan) provides a line of corporate governance related services required in overseas expansion and M&A with overseas companies accelerating further at Japanese companies recently.

Major Corporate Governance Related Services
• Risk Management of Overseas Subsidiaries
• Internal Auditing of Overseas Subsidiaries
• Soundness Evaluation for Governance