Yasushi Muranaka

Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting Partner

Yasushi Muranaka

Marunouchi Nijubashi Building

3-2-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku



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Yasushi Muranaka is a Human Capital Partner and leads M&A HC team in Japan. He has been with Deloitte for approx. three years and prior to Deloitte he was with M&A/HR consulting teams within other Big 4 accounting firms. He primarily focuses on HR due diligence and also PMI advisory services for both domestic and cross border M&A deals. He also has expertise in executive compensation.
He authored “Strategic Executive Compensation Redesign”, (Zeimukeiri Kyokai) and "MBA HR Management Strategy“ (TAC Publishing)

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Yasushi Muranaka